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    I have a Black Eagle II that I have shot for about 8 years. Great gun but here are the problems. After 3 box of shells, you often get the “Benalli click” a known problem as the guns fire-ing pin sticks and does not fire. You MUST clean the gun every 3 boxes! I have by accident fired mine 2 times because by manually unloading – a shell was in the magazine and I did not see it although I was looing in the mag raceway and chamber. I would eject a shell and pull the trigger afterward to put the shells thru the gun to get them to eject. The little small tab to unload the shells in the mag is very hard to even see let alone use. I am thinking of getting their Vinci. Anyone used one?



    bud of mine has a sbe2 just like you, approx same vintage, and he has a helluva time during cold weather. shotgun fired fine for a couple of years, then something changed.
    actually asked if the old 11-87 supermag was for sale. horrors.
    let us know what ya decide and how ya like it. inquisitive mindless and all that shit.

    i’m kinda after a 3″ for ducks exclusively. kinda like the new a5, sure as hell like the old one. should just be happy with the guns i have, but …….




    I’ve had my BEII for at least that long. Not had any issues to date.



    Yea, it seems some don’t have the Benalli click problem and others do. Yet, mine seems to do good down to 20 degrees, never shot it more lower temp than that. I know that below that temp it’s best to use no lube or graphite and keep the gun somewhere outside if possible so that condensation is not the problem. Anyone know what a BEII sells for used as I am going to sell mine if I can find a buyer.



    Over/under, or a pump 870 or SX2.

    Both ways are mechanically reliable in the cold and mud. Less to go wrong. All three always go bang.



    well look what the cat drug in.

    damon, how ya been? hope ya been good.



    Dirt Clods Die Too

    I shoot the SX3. It doubles as a boat oar, when necessary……then goes bang when I want it to…

    Hi Damon.



    Hi all

    All is well. Just busy as hell.


    Dirt Clods Die Too

    I’ll bet…..Your buddy is crumbling away before our very eyes??!! LOL!!



    I shoot the Browning Gold (gas operated) and it always goes bang.



    I really liked my 1187 when it went bang. After a year it became nothing but a problem. The gun smith told me it was made on a Monday 🙂 He did say he never seen one with so many issues. I will go back to one in a few years. I picked up a browning gold and I love it. It goes bang and it seems to hit what I am aiming at. I got it used for around 500. My 870 always works and I love the gun. I have 3 of the SP 3 inch models. Several of my hunting buddies have the SX2 and SX3 and they seem to shot a lot of shells but not hit a lot of things 🙂


    Thomas Quinlen

    Citori. Even if one doesn’t go bang, the other will.

    And if it makes you feel like you have an inertia-driven gun, the trigger switch is inertia/recoil driven.



    Bought a Franchi Affinity this year have been using it for Dove season and really love the way it shoots & feels. My hunting partner says my gun sounds a lot quieter then his gun does when I shoot. (Can’t say as I’ve noticed that difference) But the gun does shoot smooth, follows great, and the kick is greatly reduced compared to the kick I’ve gotten with my other shotguns.



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