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    Small world! This past August I was in Alaska fishing and we had to spend the 1st nite at a hotel in Anchorage before shoving off in the AM for a 4 hr drive to Homer. We arrive at the EconoLodge to check-in and the retard in our group booked our rooms just 2 days in advance so we were stuck w/ paying a premium $180 a nite for each of 2 rooms. So I’m pizzed to sHit at the retard and I struck up a conversation w/ a Colorado Springs hunting tour guide for a group called the CO Red Roosters. We is a BS’in and I ask him if he knows you 2 lawdogs and he says…”hell yes, known em for yrs and their members of my pheasant club.” So, he sees I’m seething bout the $180 to sleep for 7 hrs before we checkout and he says he’ll help us out. Tells the desk clerk were part of his 20+ man group and we were late arrivals se we should get the group’s special $130 rate and we did!

    So….the moral of the story is that knowing you 2 clowns hasn’t been worth a sHit for 10 yrs but in the end there was indeed a payout.



    So you’re saying as a result of knowing friends through WFC you saved $50 as well?




    Cassens, putz.

    Brett Axton. Rocky Mountain Roosters. Tiny little feller.



    Cup calling somebody tiny…




    I think I’ll just lay down here and almost piss myself laughing.



    if memory serves me correctly, he be bigger than carpy. course it has been a few years. memory ain’t what it used to be.
    it was at the yu hunt in whatever year.



    Dirt Clods Die Too

    That was more of a “BBQ” then a “hunt”, wasn’t it??!! LOL!!

    Sorry YU…..It was there. So I took it…


    Slough Ape

    LMAO! What THad P said!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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