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    My wife called me and told me that her grandpa died. He was first admitted tonight around 5 for asthma stuff. He sounded like crap. Suppposely he sounded like that all weekend. My wife who is an R.N noticed his legs were a little swollen (just one of the signs of heart failure i guess). The doctor was on her stuff and had the right tests done. My wife and her older sister were talking with him and he just stopped breathing and died. He was 90 and a WW 2 vet.

    He came from Germany when he was 15. Served in the U.S Army in alaska for awhile then went to Germany as a translator. He made it to the town where he was from and his unit actually had ate with his parents who still lived there. I guess he got some kind of medal for his service in Germany.



    Sorry for your loss Jason…  Prayers going out…




    Sorry to hear that Jason.


    There aren’t many WWII vets left.



    Sorry to hear it Jason.



    Prayers out for the family.



    Sorry to hear it Jas.



    Sorry to hear that, I imagine he had some good stories to share.



    Prayers for your family Jason, it sounds like he lived quite a life.



    Beat me to it Thad…..a long life……



    He was part of the Greatest Generation


    Canman Omaddie

    Sorry to hear jason



    Thanks guys. My wife is going to take it hard. They were very close. She did pretty much everything for him while it seemed like his own son who lived 1/2 mile away didn’t do much of anything, but only wanting stuff from him.

    Hopefully the family doesn’t break apart after all of this. I believe how he wanted things, family will be upset.




    thoughts and prayers man, sounded like a helluva grandpa



    Very bullheaded and stubborn. Liked to go fishing. We would bring trash fish home for his cats and use a push mower to cut them up for the cats. He also thought “cooking” carp or buffalos on the garbage buring 55 gallon barrel would make it easier for the cats to eat it.

    Thats what i am going to probably remember about him the most.


    Dirt Clods Die Too

    Tough deal, Jason.  You have my condolences.  Carried my grandma’s box 3 weeks ago today……The hardest part was looking at the pain and loss in grandpa’s eyes.  Grandma’s and grandpa’s get old and die.  I get all that, and so will your wife.  I cried… will you guys.  It’s a real ShItTy couple days, that’s for sure.  But in the end, the hardest part is/was thinking about grandpa, and his 65 years with grandma……and him sitting there at home….alone for the first time.  That part eats me up pretty bad.


    In all honesty, ever since my buddy killed himself on Thanksgiving a year and a half ago, I’ve had 2 grandparents pass away……Both funerals have been walks in the park compared to that one.  Cause they’re old….and sposed to die.  He wasn’t either of those….

    Take care of your wife, Jason.  She’ll need you to be strong.  Prayers out to all of you….



    Condolences to family.  Bummer.



    Swamp Gas

    Condolences Jason.  Sorry to hear.




    Hate to hear that. I too have recently lost my Grandpa back in early December. It was tough on me, but obviously tougher on my Grandma. I call her everyday at 6pm. If she doesnt answer on the first try, I try again. I have seen her go up and down, both mentally and physically the past few months. Hard to see, but I think she is getting some will to live in her again.

    Remember the good times you had with him, and be there for your wife because she will need it. Times like these are when we have to live up to the for better or for worse of that agreement we made. Even when it hurts and is hard to do, you will have to be strong for your wife.




    thanks guys. Saturday was a very long day.



    Sorry to hear Jason. Stay strong!

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