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    Drop your coat and take a seat at the fire. I’ll fix us a couple of drinks. I’ve got a double malt that needs drunk before it spoils.

    Here you go. Salude. So tell me about your season? Where did you go? How was the feed on the Bitterroot?

    Dry here, worst in years. But this year should be better. We spent alot of time last summer in camp. Followed the elk from Bar HL clear to Shingle Peak. Had a grand time.

    Ready for another? Put log on while I top us off.

    You get any birds this year? Sounds great. Helps to live where ducks do.

    I heard you lost o’l Cletus. Damn fine dog. I remember the time we were on Potter’s Point and you wing tipped a drake and he sailed 200 yrds back into the cattails and bulrush. O’l Cletus took off after it. What was he? 1 1/2 old? I thought you’d never see that pup again. Then here he come proud as punch with that bird.

    I’ve often wondered why the good Lord didn’t give dogs a longer time. I guess since each one is so special He wanted us to get to know more then one.

    My new Pup? Oh she’s a pistol. Gotta nose on her. My old dog,she’s doing good, getting a little stiff after a day on the river. But so am I.

    The o’l crew? They are all fine. The HogBack Raiders are still at it. Father time has been kind to us so far.

    Got time for one more before you go? Good! Let’s have a toast for old dogs and the promise of new ones!



    Oh geez…(sob-sob-sob)….that is so sweet and tender. What memories!



    You have a couple more of those drinks and the “good” stories are gonna start coming out. 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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