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    I replaced all the old faded decoys this season and gave the worn ones to my son’s friend who needed them for his farm pond hunts.

    Of course, I thought by buying new I’d not have to be bothered with repainting the old ones but my son and his friend asked me for help.

    What’s the best method and paint for re-doing old plastic decoys?





    Buy new ones.


    But, if you must, clean and brush all the crap off an get good primer coat on.  Then Cabelas has kits that come with directions.



    The cheapest Wal-Mart spray paint does good. Solid black bodies really stands out too.


    Dipper Dave

    Cabelas sells the stuff, G&H makes a decoy paint kit as well.  The prep is the biggest process, just like most other painting projects.  I would try a few different primers, and paints, to see what works best.  I think Cornbread does quite a bit of painting on his decoys.  at least from what I remember.  Plastic primer in the rattle can might work ok.



    You might be surprised how good latex house paint works… The old timers only used house paint. The new latex primers and exterior paints stick so well, they are hard to clean off your skin. These are water based paints too. They clean up with water which is a blessing! I even have heard of boat builders using them on boat hulls they work so well! I make decoys and that is all I use for wood decoys. I have an old set of Flambau water keels that are so light I will never part with them and they have been painted with latex paint too and it holds up. Plus other plastic decoys I own too.



    Stucco bonding agent and tinted primer is best to use for that. These materials are reliable and effective as it is the primary solutions for home improvement and renovating walls and this works on every kinds of DIY repair works. You can check these products as well as some other stuff at

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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