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    learn a fukin thing from the second lifevgoat rope? we are hunters and rednecks and morons. change sux dog cock what was wrong with the old site. dude look at 2coolfishing or thf/tff still same format as old and going strong. maybe a invite only romper room. dude call me lets talk about this andvquit stepping on your dick 817 983 1505


    Canman Omaddie




    😆  😆 😆


    Reasons for upgrade:

    1) Old site was 12 year old technology.

    2) Old site forums couldn’t handle a video or picture post without opening umpteen windows every time you tried to pause or fast forward.

    3) The old site d-base was bigger than grizzly balls and slower than molasses.

    4) You couldn’t post a picture in a hunting report.

    5) You couldn’t share stories, posts, or anything on the site to outside sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, yahoo, linked in , plurk or any other place.

    6) The old design was data heavy and costing us a mint in bandwidth charges.

    7) The old site was SEO unfriendly and we were dropping in rank on google, yahoo and bing.

    I could go on for days  😛






    Change is good. Just ask your local strip club manager.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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