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    I have great friends at both but I think Yu got to decide who Yu support and go all in.

    Somebody gets told no. When happens Yu lose relationships and cause hard feelings.

    So how do Yu evaluate where Yu put Yu’s efforts.

    So far, DU has better items at the auctions. Delta brings the younger generation in better.

    I like drinking with the Delta guys, they pickup a few rounds but DU guys’ drive nicer pickups from the field to the bars.

    How do YU decide?



    Dam, that’ll teach ya to live where there is a population base. We have DU and essentially no one else. They just picked up one of my local spots last year, taking it over for this season. I’ll let ya know how our money was spent for access.



    I contribute to both.

    I am talking with a customer service rep for DU due to the fact they stopped sending me magazines. DU says my membership expired in February. My online DU account says it expires in September. I have emailed and called, waiting to hear back.

    I also emailed DU awhile back and asked them to stop sending me shit every week. Literally once a week I get a packet of info to join or renew DU. In my email to them I asked why not save the money on printing this stuff and put it towards the ducks. i never heard back. It seems silly to constantly send out this stuff when I have been a member since i was about 16 or 18 years old.


    Dirt Clods Die Too

    I was a DU committee member for 15 years, including 4 as area chairman. It’s a thankless job. It’s a giant pain in the a$$. You get absolutely nothing back for COUNTLESS HOURS/DAYS/WEEKS of beating down doors, drumming up donation, selling tickets, and filling the halls….not even a FukkIng pin….

    Now that I have that off my chest…..Don’t know much about how Delta is run?? DU banquets just really get old and mundane after you’ve seen it 150 times. Same SHIt….different venue. Here’s my $30…..now leave me alone.



    Like Yu said, Delta brings a younger mindset. Delta, by a longshot, spends a larger proportion of their money on conservation efforts as opposed to DU.


    Dirt Clods Die Too

    Yes Kevin, but what does that amount to?? You may be correct with regards to “proportion”, however….look at the bottom line dollar amount. Delta can’t sniff their jocks on that….

    Furthermore, they are 2 very different organizations, with 2 very different approaches to conservation.


    Swamp Gas

    My understanding (not gospel) is that Delta focuses primarily on Canada. Canada is where many of the ducks breed. Many of the Canadian contacts I have trash talk DU. Like my drinking preferences (whiskey & beer) I support both. I’m stuck on which organization is beer and which is whiskey.



    I am starting to think my money might be better spent putting up wood duck houses and mallard nest. I finally figured out the membership issue with DU and for some reason is has left me a little pissed off at them. I will reup with Delta, DU I am not sure about. I might change my mind, I do like the magazine.



    Ah, the magazine.

    Dear DU,

    I never thought it would it happen to me but on a recent hunting trip to…..
    she….her sister….I don’t speak….how I was to know….A Delta Waterfowl sticker….banded….Busted!….over the limit.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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