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    This last weekend was our 1st rifle elk opener. With all the time I had put in starting with archery I was already feeling some major burn out.

    Up at 0430, out of camp by 0500. This was beginning to feel like a job. Any way Saturday was no different. LD and Crystal and I were on the trail well before sunrise.

    A 2 mile walk down then up into a drainage we have hunted for more then 10 years now.
    False dawn found us just below 7 aspen fingers that drop into a unnamed creek bottom. We sat down more out of instinct then anything else and waited for day light.

    Our wait wasn’t more then a few minutes when we saw several cows and a spike bull feeding about 200 yrds from us. Then we found a nice 5×5 bull. I had first shot this year so I got into position. It just wasn’t light enough for me to see him clearly in the scope so I held off only to watch him slowly walk away into the aspens. Oh crap I figured there went my chance at a bull so I switched over to one of the cows. Just as I was getting ready to shoot Crystal says wait I see another bull.

    Sure enough a really nice 6×6 comes feeding out of the brush. It’s a tough shot. 300 yards and I can only see his head and where his neck meets the shoulder. I held on him and waited for him to give me a better angle. After 5 minutes it become apparent that things aren’t going to get better and he looks like he is about to feed out of sight.

    I steady myself, took a deep breath, let it out and squeezed.
    At the shoot we watched him stumble down the hill into the creek bottom. I worked the bolt on my 700 but I didn’t get another shot.

    I knew I hit him hard but I know that elk can take a lot of killing. We decided to wait 2 hours before going after him. I know that that sounds like too long a time, but we have learned over the years that if you go too soon and bump them, once they jump it is almost impossible to make a recovery.

    After what seemed like an eternity LD and I started up the creek bottom. Crystal stayed behind just in case the bull made it out ahead of us.

    Slowly we made our way, stopping every few yards to glass the brush and listen. When we got to the trail where he got into the bottom I was dismayed not to find any blood. Nothing, just a single track. I tell you I felt like I was going to throw up.

    We decided then for LD to go back up where it was when I shot, to see if he could find any blood and I was going to continue on.

    We hadn’t parted company more then a couple minutes when I caught a movement and I turned to see a huge rack and head facing me not more then 10 yrds away. I snapped my gun to my shoulder and centered a shot right below his chin. Done deal.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes, I had just killed the biggest bull in my life. A solid 6×6. Almost perfect rack. We haven’t scored him yet, LD figures he’ll go at least 300. He is just a toad. Probably weighted over 1000 lbs. It was everything I could do to carry one of his boned out hind quarters. It took 2 trips and 8 hours to get him all back to the Heep and camp. I couldn’t have done any of this alone. Crystal was a real trooper, and carried more then her share.



    a Few more. These were taken right after we found him while I had my orange on.



    Well done Roomie! Just goes to show that hard work is rewarded in the end.



    Excellent! Good read, and congrats on the dandy bull.




    I had a guy ask me this summer Of the people I know who fill their tags every year what is their secrete? I said, 1 they hunt the same area every year, 2 persistence. The two go hand in hand. Just having one or the other isn’t enough.

    Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a coyote like my son hunting with you.



    Congrats on a great bull!



    Super congrats…..what a dandy trophy and a freezer full of meat! Great pics, great story and wow….Crystal is one good looker.



    Yeah , she’s a sweet heart and can cook too.



    Very cool story dude. Conrats on the large meat cache.. I cant see your pics or anybodys elses for that matter. When I click on em I get a black screen… anybody else get this?


    Dirt Clods Die Too

    Yep. Same here, Kjn. Really loving this revamped site…….



    Congrats Perro. Nice Bull.






    I got my elk back from the processor today. It come to 368 lbs of steaks, burger, a couple roasts, 10 lbs of blue berry sausage and 10 lbs of jalapeno brats. Total cost, $236.60. 🙂 or just over .64 cents per lb.

    I gave an ice chest full to my oldest son and still my freezer is full.

    I do alot of the work before I take it in. It’s all boned out and organized so the butcher just has too trim it a little and cut, grind, and wrap, so he gives me a pretty good break.

    I measured the rack last week and it scores right at 280. Not the 300 we were guessing, but still a nice bull. He totally dwarfs the other 2 bulls I have in my living room. I only have enough room left for a white tail buck. I haven’t told the war department yet.

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