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    The heart of the new member tools can be accessed at your CONTROL PANEL — click on your name in the login box.

    Under the control panel there a tabs to:

    1) Check site activity for you and your friends.  It’s like a “follow” list for your friend’s activity.

    2) You can post a “what’s new” message — similar to a Facebook status message, which other members and friends can also comment on.

    3) You can view and edit your profile — including uploading an AVATAR (150 x 150 pixels).

    4) You can check Private Messages.

    5) Add, remove or check online status of friends.

    6) Check Your Groups — accept or send invitations, or leave groups.

    7) The FORUMS tab shows your activity on the forums to get to your posts easier, including those that you have added to favorites.

    8)  Settings — where you can manage your password and email address.



    In short — the control panel is your primary launchpad for most of your interactive navigation.  It will also display hunting report posts as well as forum activity for friends.



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