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    qi zhen

    floor of three-layer real wood more and more fire, had become high quality indoor the first selection that decorate. But you know why is floor of three-layer real wood so popular?

    The material of floor of three-layer real wood is lumber character, lumber has a lot of distinct advantages, it is old forest bestows the mankind’s best gift.

    Floor of three-layer real wood is right the endophilicity of human body

    Visual effect
    Lumber has beautiful natural grain, quality of a material exquisite, colour and lustre is downy, look can feel very comfortable. And its surface is OK the light that scattering comes from each respect, the person’s eye won’t have see the object such as steely, glass is in that way exciting feeling, still absorb harmful to human body ultraviolet radiation effectively at the same time.

    Tactile effect
    Of skin close, lumber is hot dielectric, human body and lumber are contacted, won’t have iciness or the feeling with hot broil. Moderate of lumber density, hardness, the wooden floor of make it and person contact have warm feeling. And rich flexibility, touch have qualitative feeling extremely.

    Aural effect
    Lumber is natural porous material, function of very good sound absorption, sound insulation gives a person with cozy quiet feeling.

    factory effect
    Lumber can send out a scent that makes a person cheerful, these scent can produce healthy to human body health care effect. Floor of real wood of three-layer of Europe land beautiful has the wooden sweet smell of a kind of nature, have calm the nerves static, pure and fresh wake cerebral effect.
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