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    Pro-Staff! G&H Decoy company is looking for good honest people to join their Pro-staff team. Time for Americans to help American companies put people to work. This company has been there since the beginning. I personally try my best to buy American made products when I can. I know it is not always possible but this company is right in line with pricing and is a great American made decoy! If interested go to http://www.ghdecoys.com and click on the Pro-staff link.



    WFC encourages our members to join the G&H Prostaff. For more information on the history of G&H Decoys, read the latest issue of Waterfowler.com Journal.


    K W

    Been using G&H decoys for 40+ years. I will use them until I die.


    Dirt Clods Die Too

    Someone wants to be a prostaffer!!! LOL!!!



    Pro staff gigs are not all that bad. Good discounts on decoys and stuff. Always need more decoys and stuff 🙂


    K W

    I would do the Pro Staff for G&H. I’ve been using their decoys long enough and I’m not changing. When a duck gets so close he can see the feather detail, it’s too late for him.

    I’m not fixing what ain’t broke.



    Yu got deleted.

    Funny caca.

    This gig is definitely NOT for DKA. G&H decoys are the only thing he can hit when hunting with Yu. It’s like they are steel shot magnets; maybe a design flaw of one of them (decoys or DKA).



    DKA will rep the new Kevlar model.



    DKA thinks Kevlar was named after him and cousin Larry from Johnson county cause they worn iron frying pans in the their pants and would shoot at each other asses from across the tracks in Howard county from Hooty’s shack.

    Cousin Larry never told Kevin that he didn’t bother with the pan since Kev could hit Howard County firing straight down.

    The folks around upper middle TN always got a kick outta shooting Kev in the ass.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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