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    so i’m finish grinding on an adapter for the troy-bilt chipper – most of the time it just sits ’cause the tiller is hooked up. pto attachment is not covered and i finally got around to building/welding it up. see where this is going – 4 1/2″ grinder and i didn’t have the metal really secured – it went flying and grinder gave up some kickback – bit my ass on the left thumb nail with a 1/8″ disc. at the base and about 1/2 way across – that is gonna hurt yet. bled like a pig, lotsa hydro peroxide – little neosporin and many bandage changes. dam near out of knuckle bandages anyway, and now i’m completely out. doesn’t look all that bad to me but ain’t showed the woman. doubt she would give a flying ….
    life in the garage.



    Dang! My finger finally healed. Took a month.


    Dirt Clods Die Too

    I blew 2 of my fingers right the F@$K off, you big pussies!!!!

    Mike Carpenter



    ok, got me there.



    I think the angle grinder is my favorite tool. Even more that the chainsaw. There is just so much that it does well. But even more than the chainsaw, it has some real finger pruning capabilities.

    Glad you didn’t get more than knuckle deep.

    By the way, now might be a good time to invest in a full face helmet for the scooter. You seem to be on a roll.



    hahaha – ya might be correct counselor. i’ve been getting beaten up real regular and often bad. losing reflex sucks. this was my bad for failing to properly secure the metal. gotta say it happened dam fast.
    no infection yet, but this wound has oozed blood for a week with no stoppage. course, i keep doing things and every couple of days i whack it on something.

    latest projects are rebuilding a hydraulic floor jack, attempting to get the deke sled completed and getting measurements to a blacksmith for a leaf spring for the indian chief leg vise. it’s only a 4″ model, but cool as hell. haven’t made up my mind if i need to make a new base or simply attach to the welding table and brace the leg.



    enjoy the weekend gents.



    Swamp Gas

    Ouch Bill!



    Flagged for future updates, Lil P has replaced Crow as the stunt man. You guys need to lay off anything hazardous until the season is over.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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