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    I did in 1968. Stuttgart, AR…..winding up my 3 mo+ waterfowl journey that started in SK in Sept, progressed to WI in Oct, MI in Oct, IL in Nov, southern IL mid-Dec and AR late Dec. I was flat broke, it was Xmas, pawned an almost new Winchester pigeon grade trap gun for less than half its worth so I would have gas money to get back to Chicago. Spent Xmas eve in a flea bag motel by myself, drunk, and headed home on Xmas morning. Looking back I wasn’t lonely because I was by myself along w/ dog but lonely because the adventure of a lifetimg was now at an end and it was time to face reality….aw geez, I think I’m gonna cry!

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    No I haven’t.

    I was about to say I hope I never will, but then again, I don’t enjoy spending the day at my in-laws’ house all that much either.

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    Not yet but I figure with my luck it’s only a matter of time.

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    I’ve worked enough Christmas days in the past 30+ to just think of it as a another day.
    Big ass powerhouse building with few people in it – none of who want to be can be a long day. Particularly those with families seem to be most affected, but in the early days I missed the holiday spirit as well.
    Off this year, didn’t get a call to work ot — so I will probably just hunt.

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    Dirt Clods Die Too

    Yeah, I have……About 6 years ago, when I called my then girlfriend, with whom I lived with, a F$#@ing nut job, just like her mother. My dog and I were forced to find a new home thereafter……My family does Christmas surrounding Christmas, rather then on Christmas. So me and the hound spent the holidays at duck camp, hunting….Just the 2 of us.

    Now that I think back…..I was a pretty good learning experience. Pick your words, and the timing wisely…….Although, it lead to me having a pretty good wife.

    Merry christmas!!

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    Literally was headed w/kids to grandma’s house and had a kidney stone attack. Turned around, stayed home while kids went on to Grandma’s. The hydro’s took care of the pain and what little memory I have of it. Passed the next day.

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    This will be the first Christmas day that I won’t be with my family. My wife can’t travel more than a half hour from home and she has to work Christmas night. I am planning on cooking my wife a nice breakfast then heading out and chasing roosters. Then in the afternoon doing some late season bow hunting.

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    I will be on the road this Christmas. Leaving around 5:00 PM for the 16 hour drive to Texas.

    It’s a long, dark drive while the kids sleep in the back.

    Listening to the cold steel guitar of country music by myself and spitting Levi into an empty truck strop coffee cup.

    I feel so alone going down a two lane road to my past and not looking forward to it.

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    Make sure Yu don’t run over any chickens en route.

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    I’ve spent a few. Some I had no choice in the matter, the others I spent at the Raider’s Roost with Buddy. I believe I did 2, no 3 there alone and my fellow Raiders joined us later Christmas day. I really liked it. I came from a very dysfunctional family and to this day I don’t spend Xmas with em. Even after all these years I am still the black sheep of the family. I was telling Jan about this just last night. She says well I want to invite you into our family with open arms…. It made me smile. Ya gotta love her, and yes this is the same Jan I ran off sevrral years ago. We are back together again and I am happy. 🙂

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    It wasn’t on a Christmas but me and my o’l Duke spent a week fishing the Arkansas from the headwaters down to the eastern plains. Camped in a different place every night. Found the grave of Kit Carsen’s great nephew. Caught a ton of fish.

    When I first got Dalle from Mike I drove back home over some of that same road. We bonded over a bag of barbeque Fritos.

    I miss them two dogs as much as any good friend I’ve lost.

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