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    Probably gonna be long – I’ll try to limit.

    So, when i was going to MO for the spring snow goose hunt I became violently sick with a case of food poisoning – local joint with bad mushroom swiss brgr. knew something was wrong – but I’d done it to myself.
    Gotta go to the beginning – started passing blood in the stool in Sept and chitting became like chocolate pudding – I blew it off thinking I was playing with pain,but not injured. The food episode changed that. So, I had a tough week between MO & SD, but had fun. Didn’t eat well, and got ran down. Get back home, try to get better and not much changes – still bloody and still pudding – well maybe more blood but I’m thinking I can do this. WRONG – ended up @ the docs office the next week and most everything looks ok, spot on a kidney that turned out to be cyst, no big deal. Nearly 2 weeks later I ended up at the colonoscopy joint where they removed 2 large (5/8″) polyps off the colon – caused both the blood and the pudding. Biopsy showed them to be pre-cancerous. Got dam lucky – if the polyps had been simply 5-8cm’s further up the colon than they were, I would have had no symptoms until I probably couldn’t have pooped – at that point – doc is thinking 3-4 years, I would have been probably given the death sentence of colon cancer.
    Do you and your loved ones a favor if your @ the age – get the colonoscopy done when you should.




    You deserve better Bill.

    Try jalapenos instead of mushrooms. Lite that arse up for a reason.




    Glad you got that take care of. You’re right though, early detection and is worth a pound of prevention.

    Yu — Jalapeños on a scchhhtiick?



    local joint..bad mushroom swiss burger..

    Jalapenos make everything better.

    If your ass is going to tore up, enjoy life before the pain.

    I also believe jalapenos would keep any polyps from forming.

    Sounds to me like ol Bill was eating too many seeds. My ma used to tell me that a watermelon would grow inside if you ate the seed. So why ate that true of Hawaiian herbs?



    HAHAHA – lifestyle probably figures into this. How much I have no idea.

    I’m guessing my dedication to rare beef had something to do with it. Dam, had a full blood panel done in Jan and the worst number was @ 38% towards the bad side.
    Cholesterol was 127. I’m kinda healthy, just not completely.




    Glad you got to it early. Hope you mend quickly. BTW, I talked to Mork earlier this week. Looks like I may be making another trip back your way sometime after the first of July. He was very receptive and appreciative of the info I gave him. Keep me posted as to how the winds blow. Take care.



    Good to hear they caught it when they did. I am coming up on the age of the ol oil check. Not looking forward to it.



    as a old drunk, my liquid intake is large. started drinking the elixir @ 12 ounces, ended the 4L bottle drinking 2-3 ounces. that shit is just nasty. as far as the procedure, no problem – ya just wake up feeling groggy.

    GET IT DONE brother.




    Good to hear they caught it Bill!!!

    About 2 months ago I had 2 “pre-cancerous” polyps removed as well. At 37, my PCP thought I was crazy when I asked for a referral for a colonoscopy during a routine physical (insert ass jokes here>>>>). Initially, he said he thought I was “young” for the procedure. When I referred him back to my family history and told him that 2 family members (younger than myself) had both had polyps removed in the last year, he said “that’s a game changer” and referred me for the procedure.

    To be honest, it wasn’t that bad. Even the “cleanse” wasn’t awful. Granted, that stuff tastes HORRIBLE, but the aftermath wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d imagined. Maybe it’s because I find pooping funny….the whole “cleanse” thing cracked me up! I didn’t know I could sh*t that much while laughing hysterically at both the rate and the volume in which every ounce of my lower GI tract was exiting my body!!

    The next day, the procedure itself was a breeze. An I.V., a little versed and fentanyl and the next thing I knew I was waking myself up by letting out quite possibly the loudest fart of my existence (which then prompted a bout of “laughing farts” and an extremely red-faced wife). The Doc. came in and told me what they’d found and that they’d get back to me with pathology in a few day’s.

    The report came back the same as yours and I’m due to follow up in another 2 years.

    Seriously, for those out there that haven’t gotten checked….get it done!! It is a relatively hassle free procedure that has the potential to save your life!!!



    It runs in my family too, I’ve got mine scheduled for later this year.



    Bill — glad you caught that early.

    Speaking of sickness — my son has the fever to go hunt big game in Montana.

    Can I put you two in touch so you can give him some solid advice and where/how?

    Let me know

    ~ webby

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