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    wtf is this participant horse crap you couldnt come up with some thing better? sounds like all the loser ribbons at the 4th grade track and feild days.

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    Yeah….no more post count…..no more “member since 1999″……no more field editor status……how are people supposed to know who’s a big deal or not around here?

    Guess Carpy’s gonna have to start running mf’ers off around here again. You best recognize fool.

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    I looked and I can’t find a list anywhere.

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    VFE’s are coming back — sorting how the tag system will group their author reports and we’re weeding out the ones that hadn’t posted in two seasons.

    Post counts are in the system but the display has not been turned on until the debugging for basic operations is complete — same goes for the “Member since…” field.

    Also coming back…  the magazine in digital format.



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    Also coming back…  the magazine in digital format.

    Oh boy, I now can have the laptop on my lap, read the mag, and take a dump at the same time…

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    Canman Omaddie

    I don’t think most know how much work goes into building a quality web page and forum. now get busy and fix this sHit.

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    Let me knock on wood for first….  so far it’s been a smooth launch.  Debugging has gone fast and most of the problems were speed issues in the beginning and that was all hosting issues which the server folks have fixed.

    Yes.  It’s a ton of work and cost.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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