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    Reelfoot was fair to middlin this year. Just didn’t get a big push this year. Was talking to friend between Stuttgart and Pine Bluff the last week of season. Ark. Fish & Game bird count for that week in his area was 400K. Same time last year, 1.4 million.



    Mucho sucko.

    Way too dry and warm, followed by a negative number cold snap.

    The warm and dry concentrated too many yahoos in too few spots, and the warm followed by extreme cold pushed the birds right past us.

    I doubt we harvested even 25% of our normal.



    Worst season ever from a harvest perspective.  Birds just never arrived and the weather was mild and dry for most of the season.


    Dirt Clods Die Too

    Still shootin’em good here……I’ll let you know when you I stop.



    Late season got real good, early and mid were just tough.  No snow cover, too many feeding choices – ususally too dam close.

    Ended up with 5 days of snows in SD — got the MI copper for 4 of ’em.




    Fair! 60% of what I normally get on ducks and el sucko on the specs….average 15-20 yr and last yr got a grand total of 2. No wind, too many days w/ mirror water on the rice ponds and no moisture/fog to speak of.

    We just finished our 2nd annual 5-day conservation goose hunt and I fugged-up by not going last weekend. My buds smashed the specs n snows. For next yr gonna haul my 300+ snow n spec dekes home from Canada and put out a JC power spread in the rice mud.



    With a little scouting and putting the miles on the Ford we smashed their asses this year. ifin you wanna kill duck you gotta be ready to put your layouts in the cow pasture and shoot them suckers in the shit! loved the dry land duckin this year!





    DB….you now known as the Cowpaddy Kid. Hope you washed your hands and your azz afterwards before hand’lin the chow at the diner.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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