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    I imagine the SPCA will be pumping the media full of the press release like that to combat the wide-sread success of the news about the cats killing birds.

    There is a simple solution to those kinda problems — don’t let your cat out to roam unsupervised.  Dog owners have been doing that for years.





    Right on Webbie, it is a simple thing to do but many cat owners ignore that.

    My father in law has 20-30 maybe more cats at his farm. They breed constantly and as the farm gets to small, the cats move off into the woods. When he had CRP and pheasant ground, it was 1 or 2 cats a outing. I imagine without me hunting the area, the cats must thick in the woods.



    I represented a dude a couple of years back.  Shot a cat that kept crapping on his grill.  Got charged with a felony.



    A felony? What he do, wait until the cat was sitting in it’s owners lap?



    BBQ Grill?  Or JayZ Grill?





    Doug, no.  Actually from off the top of the guy’s Weber.  Kitties that any crazy bat is willing to claim as a pet get an extra level of protection.  If it is a “pet,” it is a felony to shoot it.


    Swamp Gas

    What if one got stuck in a live trap set for coons?  I have heard they don’t swim well.



    No matter what type of nuisance you’re ridding yourself of, whether it be a cat or a nursing student; never leave the corpse where anyone will find it.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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