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    This year — we’ll be setting up Member Rendezvous locations with partnering guides for discounted travel and the chance for one member that books a hunt to get the guide services free.

    So far, locations are stacking up to be:

    1) Manitoba – ducks in Sept

    2) Rochester, MN – goose hunt in December

    3) Reelfoot, TN — ducks JAN 2014

    Also thinking — Outer Banks curtain blind hunt. Harlequin hunt Pacific NW.

    Other ideas?



    Reelfoot ?

    kee kee kee



    Fire Island, in season?



    I can picture the t-shirts; WFC Member Rendezvous 2013 — What happens at Fire Island Stays at Fire Island.

    You guys would by the t-shirt even if you didn’t go 😛

    😆 😆 😆 😆

    We could freelance it — no guides:



    Whats up with Fire Island?   Never heard of it.



    Yo Aussie, Fire Island is just like some of the places you go to hang your signs like North Beach, Guerneville and Provincetown. Ya know, all the times guys like Maurice and Marcel cornered you in the backroom of the Dollar Store and you copped each others package.



    Ahhhh……Reelfoot, Outer Banks, Rochester and the Mayo Clinic goose ponds. C’mon Webbie, you can do better!


    Dipper Dave

    jc why not go to Rochester?  you could do a poke, cough, and blast.



    My group shot 7 when I was down at Rochester this year.




    I’ll tell you I have hunted a lot of geese over the years — going all the way back to the days of lead shot and “steel shot” experimental zones.

    When I went to Rochester, I have to be honest, my pre-trip thought was, “meh…  shoot some geese and go.”   Having done it, I can say that Rochester is awesome — in your face, feet down, world class goose hunting with the right guide service and group.

    Sure, for guides that HAVE to produce birds for the dollars spent, I understand the whack-a-mole, hide-in-the-dark until shooting scenario.  Let’s face it, if 4 of the guys in a pit have never hunted geese and have their heads moving like bobble-heads on a washboarded gravel road — you gotta prevent hunt spoilage.

    With the right groups and guides that know you’re qualified to participate — it’s a darn fine hunt.


    Whatcha thinking JC —  toss out some ideas.




    Swamp Gas

    Don’t mark my words but i think Rochester is not what it used to be.  It started it’s downswing when the Somalis started showing up.  I know for a while it had the highest population per capita in the nation.


    Where and when would the MB trip be?



    Tn. conservation season runs through the 2nd week in March. Also, the crappie will be turning on about that time, late Feb., first of March. I know you have some advertisers, but will be glad to help in any way I can.



    I’d go on all of ’em if invited.  Doubt there is many that wouldn’t.

    Manitoba — I’d like to go back.



    Canman Omaddie

    Might wanna rethink Rochester. Mark is right…not what it used to be.

    NoDak or SoDak is where its at.



    I know this is a waterfowl sight, but if ya gotta pay someone, shootin roosters is pretty fun for the money.




    I would think a SD, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma hunt would be pretty cool. I have never hunted those areas for ducks. Shot some spring snows in a couple of those states and the ducks were everywhere.

    I would think a hunt in AR in a flooded rice/corn field would be pretty cool. Nice pit blind, few hundred decoys, bacon and biscuits cooking and green heads back pedaling.

    I am going to Sask for the first time this fall. I am really pumped up on the trip. A couple of the guys I am going with have been going for over 20 years so they know what, where and how to do it. I’ll let you guys know how it goes, might be a good area for a hunt.



    Ideas? For starters: Hudson Bay, Argentina, Scotland, Wrangel Island, Alaska, Mexico. How bout Rio de Janiero…..tell the wives we were duck hunting in the hinterlands when we were really at an ocean front resort getting stoned and bang’in those dark skinned beauties.



    JC — we could do one international destination but that kind of trip cost could round out near the 4-5K mark after airfare. Not sure we could pack that full in this economy.

    Let’s face it not everyone is a Rico Suave insurance guy with a pocket full of Grover Cleveland’s.


    As for Mexico — there is a resort / guide service in the Baha that does brant hunts. You can stack up the russian banded birds in the morning then sip umbrella drinks by the pool all afternoon.

    It would basically be a crazed border run after members met in San Diego.

    That might be fun but a number of guys here would get detained at the border and end up in a one room prison cell with a bare lightbulb and sewer drain in the floor.

    I can see it getting real ugly, real fast. 😛



    And Canada too! I been there a few times where it got real ugly, real fast.



    Yo dufus software……Webbie said it 1st, me 2nd. Ahaaaaa…..I have uncovered another glitch in this new program that needs to be resolved. What kinda prize do I get?

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