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    “So if wow cheap gold I’m the client, and I pull the trigger to throw a grenade, I actually create the grenade in the world. I’ll play the animation, I’ll play the sound. The server is the only machine that can create a destroying object and do other things like damage people or award kills and stuff like that.

    So the full sequence of events for throwing a grenade is: I throw a grenade, I see the animation, I hear the sound and then some number of milliseconds later the server will start sending the information for this new object in the world which is the grenade that it created as a result of my actions. So from the user’s perspective, you see this grenade appear in mid air right there and we have all this trickery and prediction to make it look like these complex interactions. Interactions like boarding someone’s vehicle essentially are made up of five or six different messages from the server. You’re on the vehicle, you start the animation to board him, he gets kicked out, and he’s here in the world. All the interaction between those events is sent as a separate message from the server.”

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