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    Stepped out to get a breath of smog and heard the terrestial screeching of sandillius crania…sandhill cranes for those who flunked their ornithology classes.

    They were so high up had to use my nuclear submarine watch binocs to spot them. There was an assload x .5. Such gracious birds! Flock after flock heading ENE to AB, SK and beyond. When they hit a particular swirling air current each flock quit flapping and w/ erect wings allowed themselves to be carried in the wind current in large circles. I think they like to catch a swirling upward current every so often so they can quit flapping, rest and take a breather before they continue their arduous journey north. Interesting bird and so tasty on the table.



    We have a pile of them here in Wisco. Loud and annoying birds, wish we could shoot them.


    Swamp Gas

    Heard a few tundra swans the other day.  Pretty early for these parts.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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