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    Here is a lodge avatar of you want to use it instead of the basic gray one. Just drag the image to your desktop (or right click and save image) to save it for an upload.

    After it’s saved to your computer, click on your name in the login box, got to the profile tab and click edit to upload an avatar.

    Lodge Avatar



    Huhhhhhh…..say that again! Nevermind….my feeble skills take me as far as logging on here. When I posted my avatar pic 10 yrs ago I had to mail my pic to Carolyn at hdqts for her to post. My son wanted to know if I’d like an iPad like his for Xmas… gotta be fugg’in kidding me!



    You’d like an iPad. Ez-mode and 100% compatible with the new format.

    The avatar upload is easy:

    1) Click on your name in the login box.

    2) Click the PROFILE tab.

    3) Click Change Avatar.

    4) Click upload image — (choose the image you want on your computer)

    5) Crop Image — the hardest part. Click at the lower left corner of the image and drag the cop box over your entire picture to crop to a square size.

    6) Save. Done.



    JC a 9 yr old democrat can  do it so I figure you can pull it off too…   😆





    JC – Just email me your password and I’ll hook you up. 😉

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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