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    5 fellas including myself. 74 bird day. Visiting cheesehead didn’t get it done.

    It was a nice way to start the season.

    Hope all ya’lls opening went well.




    Bill — opener here on geese was slower than slow (didn’t see one flying). Doves were fair. Let the boys shoot and just played the heckler from the camo chair as they missed:

    “Oh God — guess I have to bring your mother out if we’re gonna get something for the grill.”

    “I think the wadding got kinda close on that one.”

    “Geeze, you were so far behind that one it didn’t even flinch.”

    “I have a neon shirt in the truck if you need me to flare them a bit closer.”

    “Hey G, are you sure you put shot in the Kid’s reloads?”

    “Not sure why you took the third shot on that one. Never seen one drop at 80 yards.”

    “The national average is three per box… you can still salvage this.”

    😆 😆 😆



    Bill sounds like yall did ok. Got baseball this weekend but next weekend the teal opener and its gunna be 6 a day this year!



    Day 2 slowed up — 3.5 hunter days and 34 birds. Relatively even on bird counts per dude per day.
    One guy just got too hot – it be running 95+.
    Was up and out this morning attempting to work birds close for the yellow dog – didn’t happen.
    Yesterday, he flushed a rooster/hen pair up — I was on a dike about 15 feet above him – and watched him just sit back for a split second and off he went – lost them quickly in the heavy alfalfa. Doesn’t go another 50 feet in same alfalfa and knocks up a sharpie – off to the races chasing it – lands in a tree about 200 yards out – dog on its tail the entire time while I’m grinning. I had no shot on the sharpie with a 410, and pheasant isn’t open. So, a learning experience for him and I gained another dog memory.




    SOunds like everyone gave the dove some steel/lead shot!

    My buddy and I shot 20 on opener. My buddy fired 45 rounds for his 5 birds and I shot 15 with 27 rounds.

    On Monday I shot my 15 with 30 rounds. Both days I got 2 in 1 shot so that helps the average.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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