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    so, for the few of us die-hards still on the site – what in your opinion caused the significant decrease in posting members from even 2 or 3 years ago?
    i’ve got my own ideas:
    #1 – being that certain previous members consistently took every thread to anal.
    #2 – certain members constantly beating the other guys up.
    #3 – thread chase numbers – the gotta be the king of the hill thing got old.
    #4 – one of our canadian friends told me in a SD field that the main issue was simply we started hunting together and found out that we really didn’t like each other that well. i kinda disagreed, but he provided some very compelling instances with mutual friends that i really couldn’t disagree with.

    i’m gonna stay until this either folds or comes back – either way i’ll be here.
    made me sad that this summer i joined the ‘fuge simply to have a daily dialogue with other waterfowlers. still not sure i like many of ’em, but there at least is interest.

    let me know if ya think i’m just f*cked up in the head – normal – or is there something else that may have contributed to this sites demise.



    Dirt Clods Die Too

    I’m not here a lot, Bill….But I do check in. I don’t know what the demise really was…..Hard to separate it from when the site was revamped though?? It took forever to upload pages, reply, etc……

    Then there’s that Facebook thing…..which I’m not on. Oh well…..Your phone number, and those I care about is all that matters.

    I get to start killing things with wings this weekend…..Kinda giddy right now!!

    Take care, buddy!!



    beat ’em up. i can’t find the ducks and have no interest in the geese right now. experience tells me i’ll be burned out by end of dec if i start whacking honkers now.

    have a good opener bro.



    K W

    I think you will find many sites are not what they used to be. People can go to FaceBook and put their pictures up, join groups, advertise their greatness and so on. I have a FaceBook page but don’t spend a lot of time there daily. There’s just to many places to go with interactions with other instead of leaving a message.

    I’d rather have this format…



    I think some discovered that this site is not confidential and social media has a way of biting you in the butt ( subtle anal ref.)

    Additionally, the old site had a sophomoric atmosphere with a socio economic/ political under current that does not play today for numerous reasons; we are not sophomore anymore, people are disenchanted with the medium, other stresses have mounted, etc.

    I have friends that I would not have otherwise due to this site. I also am ok with having beat up those who needed it while they hid behind a keyboard.

    I could list those appreciate for their time here, but I would hate to break Thad’s streak.

    Adios and Ascendo Tuum!



    good points yu. got any birds your way yet? nothing here to speak of, some showing on the ‘horn but that be it.


    Swamp Gas

    Not a Facebook guy either. But the big noticeable drop was when the site was redone. I always visited for the immature grab as$ things. Reports were not as important to me.



    i miss the banter. some got tiring but for the most part it was in good humor.

    i’m not on facebook and not gonna be. old lady signed me up and that same day it was cancelled/deleted/whatever the hell ya call it. she thought she was doing me a favor, but found out it was no favor.

    aw hell, i will still be here.



    Troy Jernigan

    So the site is looseing members! Thats sad. I really like the site always have. I would get a laugh at some thing all the time(taco the goat would always do that). I also have good memories of hunting Texas during the c and c hunt and reelfoot lake meet and greets. I guess it is what you make it.



    Yes the site has lost members but I’m not here to talk about that believe me I could. I’m just here to say I’m back and I’m one that doesn’t do the face book thing.



    I could list those appreciate for their time here, but I would hate to break Thad’s streak……..

    It’s to cold to streak around here, been in 60’s and I cannot afford the shrinkage.


    ken sargeant

    Most definelty facebook



    Brussel sprouts may or may not be involved.



    I gave up brussel sprouts for Lent 5o years ago and stuck to it.

    The birds gave me up before last season and have stuck to that as well. 5 pumps going today, two weeks late but I don’t think we have missed anything. Reports on the confluence are slow as well.



    I miss the hell outta the site. its just not the same since they redid it. i liked the old format.


    Swamp Gas

    What cLiCk said!

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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