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    I shoot all cats I see other then the kid’s cats.



    Crow……even the neighbors cats? The cat belonging to the 90 yr old widow down the street? The kitten belonging to the little girl in the wheelchair a few blocks away? What IF some sumbitch killed your kids cats cuz they roamed over to his property? You is a heartless MOFO for sure!

    And……whadda ya do’in back here? You said you was gone and gone for good! The Crow speaketh with a forked penis.



    As my Pastor used to say, “Pussy is Pussy.”



    I kill em all and let God sort em out… :mrgreen:




    Yo CrowHater…..do you remember a gal named Jodi Arias? She claims she met you in Houston a few yrs back and carried on a torrid sex affair w/ you. Then you suddenly dumped her w/ no explanation. I saw an article on her on MSNBC News yesterday. Check it out and ya better be on-guard and pack’in heat in case Jodi wants some revenge for your breaking her little ol heart.

    I see where this dude Jimmy Lee Dykes is making headlines. He carries/or carried some of the same traits and habits as you. Check it out! Prolly similar genes.



    So I’m a black helicopter guy now for questioning the science? LOL

    Did Rosenberg put forth how that science was obtained? What model did they base it on?

    Not from what I saw,

    “The people involved in this study are of the highest scientific integrity and they went into this very objectively. The science is very clear and unequivocal on this topic, and it is time for action. It’s time for all the groups to sit down and come up with some solutions.”

    I think I’ve heard that somewhere before. Now where was it???? I’ll think of it later.

    Are we to believe him because he said so? or because he’s a conservative with a phd after his name?

    Glenwood springs has a cat rescue plan of sorts. Local volunteers trap the ally cats and release them after local vet students voluntarily spay and neuter them. I wouldn’t waste the time myself, but it’s all volunteer and if the residents of Glenwood feel it’s appropriate, Why should anyone care?

    You proved me right though, taxpayer money was used.



    Yo Crow…..you need to chime-in here. Where is the Crow? Ya don’t suppose he left for good. That ol JC might have run him off. Hey, that’s the 1st person I’ve run-off from the site. Dang, I have arrived…..I am now a big deal! yeeeeeehaaaaa



    JC – 1

    Carpy – 43



    Oh don’t be modest for me there Chawlee.



    😆 😆

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