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    So I be working in the control room on Monday ’cause one of the board operators is on vacation.  Phone rings and it be the woman – in another wreck – again.  This time in Red Lodge while seeing her head doctor.  Going to see the Tahoe today and deliver the rental car back home.  So, lets make a count of the last couple of years: #1 – trashed the bed and both hips on the dually. #2- ran into a round bale with the grey truck and stuffed one of the rear quarter panels in. #3 – drove the rear bumper of the Tahoe into the rear door/quarter panel on the commuter car.  #4 – drove her newer scooter into the Artic Fox overhead camper and did $4500 damage to the scoot and over $1500 to the camper.  #5 – used the wrong nozzle on the powerwasher on my old h&f truck — so paint now flies off it when ya drive it down the road – I’m gonna get a littering ticket for this yet.

    I’m telling ya — I need a vacation from marriage.  Possible a permanent gig.




    Thats the trouble with marriage. If your married, there is trouble!!



    I’m lucky. My wife ain’t tore anything up ina couple years.

    I guess I should take that back, she left the garage door open New Years eve and the water softener froze and broke the filter off. The good thing was the main water pipe was also froze so at least it didn’t flood out the garage. It cost me 250 bucks to get it fixed on new years day.



    Wow…..might be time for her to turn in her drivers license and you get one of those bikes with the cart on the side. Thats a lot of accidents.  She could end up hurting herself or someone else.



    Has she been to the eye doctor lately? I would not want to pay your insurance premium. 🙂



    Bummer Bill. At least she isn’t hurting anybody or herself. The eye thing ain’t  bad suggestion. Good luck  buddy. Sounds like you could use a little.



    time for her to drive a maverick or perhaps a saturn  couple years in one of them and they get a little more careful .



    A chauffer might be cheaper.  A chaufferess might be even better.  😛





    My wife’s Totota Solara makes a trip to the ER bout every 6 months.



    Hey Bill, what’s with the yellow pup? Did she also run over the Black rocket?



    Yo Jimmy ……thanks for the invitation to the Yuda-Sutter CWA dinner. I have to respectfully decline. I’m now working the DU affairs. Trying to ressurect the Placer DU chapter. We had a recent recruiting new committee member nite. 4 guys showed up….oh boy!



    Ya know Bill, if it’s got tits or wheels eventually your gonna have trouble with it.

    BTW my offer still stands on the horses.

    Take care friend



    Maybe she should ride the horse to commute.



    Didn’t she break her leg riding a horse?

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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