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    Had 2 days of early teal,woody at Reelfoot this weekend. Nice limits of green and blue wings. Got the house finished. Been quite a remodeling project. Anyone needs a place to stay while hunting/fishing Reelfoot, I’ve got the place for you. New H/A, water heater, reworked the oak floors, got beds fixed up, pics hung etc… Fall fishing is heating up. Ya’ll come!



    Nice. Teal hunting here was slow. The boys got a few but nothing to speak of.

    Water at our swamp is down again — very surprising for all the rain we’ve had. The water table for our bottoms has changed drastically ever since they built a new bridge down stream of us — the water seems to empty much faster out of the creek and surrounding marsh areas.



    I painted my house.

    Nice earthy tones.



    i cleaned the garage, prep dekes for flock.

    i’m not leaving MT this year. what i’ve saved the wench spent.




    I painted my other house in Jackson also. Like you earth tones. A couple of Japanese are coming in on the 21st and will hopefully like it enough that their company will pay me $2200/mo. for them to live there for the next 2 years. Basically, I am house poor. Spent the last year and a half fixing up 2 places in Jackson, son’s and mine, and the 2 places on the lake at Reelfoot. Time to get liquid. Put the for sale by owner sign up a few weeks ago. Had 3 offers for a contract for deed. If I don’t rent to the japs next week, I will probably go ahead and list it with a realtor. Too much of a hassle stopping what I am doing to meet someone that wants a year to get their credit in shape.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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