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    Saturday… in my office

    It’s not like the Fourth of July

    Saturday… in my office

    I think I’ll throw a shot at Eli

    (Eli….who the fuk is Eli? Do we have an Eli here?)

    Needed to work today(fuk). However, my flesh peddling talents are in such a demand that it’s necessary. And, I do like extra coin. My wife wants to go to next year’s Academy Awards and walk the Red Carpet with Michael Bubele so what the hey, that costs money bro!

    Making aged, petite sirloin steaks tonite seasoned w/ Santino Scuzzamatchi’s special spicy Italian seasoning, fresh from Italy. My special thinly sliced fingerling taters marinated in virgin-virgin olive oil and fresh oregano and Jamaican pepper, buttered corn shipped express from Tiddy Niblets in Bumfuk, Nebraska(what ain’t bumfuk in Nebraska), Italian hot skillet salad smothered in anchovies of which you lessers know nothing about and a bottle of Kowalski Bros merlot from their Bakersfield winery…only $1.98 but some of today’s best wines are the super low cost ones.

    Then the wife and I will wrap-up the evening sitting around the firepit, listening to ol Blue Eyes, smoking a couple joints and sipping some Bipple(that’s Beaujalais and Ripple for once again you lessers).

    Tomorrow nite is a really big shoe as ol Eddy would say….the Academy Awards! I got my money on the bounty hunter from Djaingo, the gal in Dark Thirty and the guy and cat in PI. The rest of you losers try to make the best of your weekend and for crissake….you clowns out spring sky carp shooting make sure you file your reports w/ Webbie 1st thing Monday AM.



    Forget about pulling the plug old man…  Get a bottle of roofies or sleeping pills, some pudding, a bottle of vodka, a plastic bag, some duct tape, and do us all a favor by ending your old life California-Heavensgate style old man….



    funny sheeet I !!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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