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    This is maybe the first time many have heard this and I’m sure it will be controversial. I believe that shotguns now as most consumer goods are simple unbranded commodities. It’s a world economy and the end of brand. Case in point. I was sold by the hype of the Benelli Vinci and had the Black Eagle II. I was going to buy the Vinci, but came across a Tristar. I picked up this gun and the feel, look and everything was just like a Black Eagle to me, except it is gas. It was 1/4 the price of the Vinci and reports on the net are all good! Outboard motors today are mostly made by one or two companies, but there are a dozen brands. Cars are almost there too. Parts are outsourced from a half dozen companies and countries and the names are changed to protect the gullible. Shotgun off brands are common today and seem to be very good low priced buys. The economy has fallen and so have the prices.



    Suzuki makes 99% of the 4 stroke power heads for Outboards, FYI.



    wish i would have been smart enough to buy shotguns as an investment.
    never had a scooter i wouldn’t ride like i stole it, or a gun i won’t shoot.

    had a chance to buy some old brownings from a bro-in-law in didn’t ’cause of the price.
    dam sure could have tripled my cash outlay in less than 10 years. but i would have just wasted that cash like most other money.

    still have the sbe2 for sale?




    I would have a hard time selling……I like them to much and I enjoy the hell out of shooting them. You may be on to something, my kids fight more over who gets the guns vs. the retirement plans and property….:)



    You can’t have too many guns.

    Just by way of example, in case of a zombie apocalypse, you want plenty. By the time you figure out zero hour has arrived, most of you good local gun stores will have already been looted.

    As to the rest, mostly they aren’t good buys. Especially for me. I have sold exactly ONE gun over time; a Browning A Bolt with a screwed up barrel. I like to fondle the others too well. Even the ones that I go years without shooting. Consequently, I just buy what I like any more (at least within reason).



    LEP< Sold it for $1200, Which was a great deal for me. The Tristar is actually a Benelli M1 copy and made on Italian machines. If it is as good as they say, I better buy another one at only $351. This is crazy as I could buy 4 for the price of many Benelli’s.



    Firearms investment commodities?

    Cough… Freedom Group, cough, Cerberus Capital Management.. cough cough.

    I think the changes in the industry are representative of manufacturers becoming a Wall Street managed mega corporation.

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