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    JefBet03 – VFE

    Here in IA we are gearing up for a great (HOPEFULLY) wild goose chase of 2013. I just hope we have what it takes to pull in them “White Devil’s” (Klob’s wordz). We have a group of 9, appx 1000 dekes and what should be a badazz new e-caller! It was supposed to be delivered today. I can’t wait to find out if it arrived. The count @ squaw creek showed 50K birds arrived back there yesterday. The nations snow cover shows they MIGHT be here sooner than anticipated and something says they will be here and gone faster than we can get our spread set. What’s your plans?



    I don’t chase them basturds. You need too many things to go right to have a successful hunt. Looks like yall got the stuff to do it right though.  Hope yall stack’em high.



    Best of luck to you guys.


    Canman Omaddie

    Spring is for fishing.

    don’t chase’em at all. I have enough hobbies I can’t do. 🙂


    JefBet03 – VFE

    It’s a ton of work for sometimes very little reawrd!



    I love hunting snow geese! There is nothing like 5,000 birds swinging the decoys one last time. The noise is intense, the birds wings whirling, dropping, willow leafing down is awesome. On top of the snow geese, you see so many other ducks and geese in full plumage, it is worth the trip!

    Good luck and I hope you get enough for  a big batch of sausage!



    I think snow geese are one of the hardest things to self guide for. Too many variables. Unless you’re a local and live in their flight path, you’re better off paying an outfitter.

    I wish they would open the spring season for them in the Pacific flyway. I’m only 6 hours away from Salt Lake verses 14hrs from Grand Island.

    Best of luck to you.



    Me, I’m headed out in early June to the far Northwest Territories to kill them bastages. Gonna shoot em off the nests and gather the eggs for breakfast. Got me a 1st Nations substinance permit cuz I got Tuktuk Nunavut tribal blood in me via my great-great grandpappy….like 2.5%. What the hey, it’s like the Indian Casinos where ya only need 1% of the tribal blood to share in the take. Yo JefBet03, go to your gerontologist and get an examination, ya might have some injun blood. Mike Carpenter should take advantage of this program….he’s always talk’in bout his decendancy from the marriage of Sheetz Like Bull and Squeaky Sparrow.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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