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    If you guys can post a report in your states and add an image upload it would be appreciated.   Trying to make sure all the image uploads are working and sizing properly for all the states.






    Just did and it didnt post the picture. i tried IMG and Direct link.



    If doesn’t give you the “text” option so the “img” wont work and direct link is doing the same thing.

    Also…there’s no alert anywhere letting you know when someone has posted a report so you have to go all the way into the forum just to find out.  I know you need clicks and all but seems excessive.



    I’ll post my usual weekly CA report so I can read and re-read it to myself so it has at least 2 views.



    I posted up webbie- My wood duck picture looks huge. Other than that, it seemed to work.


    Kevin Stallard

    Webby is there an area for just “State Forum” like you used to have where you can discuss issues that effect your particular state?  Thanks




    We’ll be linking the state pages to the Flyway forums.  The problem we had before is that the 50 state forums were hidden in the dark recesses of the site.  Since they didn’t appear on the main forum list most never saw the activity on them or had a chance to participate.

    If the FLWAY forums get overloaded we’ll add state sub topics in them.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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