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    At this time I would like to announce that we are now accepting submissions for publication in the first digital issue.  Article submissions can be emailed to  Maximum article length is 4000 words, with a focus on the unique hunting opportunity, traditions and local lifestyle that makes hunting in your geographic location different from any other place.  We are also accepting articles on member hunts that define the friendships that have been fostered here at over the past decade and a half.

    I look forward to reading submissions in the coming months.

    Submissions should include:

    1) Article (in Word or Text Document)
    2) Images for article.  (The bigger the selection the better.  Include photos of area, town, scenery and equipment still-life photos if possible)
    3) Photo of your mug for contributors section
    4) A short bio about yourself at the end of the article.

    PS: Yes articles that include member hunts and photos of pee jugs on the dash board are accepted.



    Dear WFC Forum:

    I always thought the stories I read in the magazine were a load of bull*** until one day….



    So it be tuesday.  quiet day, except for the rumbling of the earth.  thinking of browns and ‘bows, instead watch the woman back into the barn and break the driver side mirror on side of said barn 10’ wide drive thru.

    it coulda been a haiku in a parallel universe – ‘cept it sucked and i can’t count








    Buddy and I were prepping for the extended goose season that opens this Saturday when we came upon 2 nurses hitchhiking along side the road.  So we pulled over and offered them a ride……



    Little P —

    I think that’s a great article idea actually….  ducks to duck feathers, to trout flies and trout.  Kinda brings the passion for the outdoors full circle.

    You have to get a picture of you holding up Carpy, naked, towards the sun and singing, “Aaaaaaaye….  carumba….  ” like in that disney movie.




    Webbie…..would you accept hunting/fishing stories that occurred 40+ years ago. I have an astoundingly accurate long-term memory but short-term I’m a mess.



    Absolutely JC.   Send it in.







    Still waiting on some of your submissions:

    1) The C minus C Hunt – WFC Member Rendezvous, by bCLick (need lots of time for editing).

    2) My first Duck & The Great Depression, by JC.

    3) Hydroponics for Smart Weed – Managing food Plots, by KjNlog.

    4) Cornhusker Snows – A Big Ten guide to hunting the X, by Irish

    5) Violater!  The best arrests in Waterfowling 2012, by 1Cup

    6) Casts n Blast 2013 – Top 10 destinations for fin and feather combo hunts — DU870

    7) Microbrews & Goose Jerky – A recipe for great snacking and beer reviews, by Cornbread

    8) Pine nut & Mulberry Duck Breast – Wild Carolina Favorites by Perro

    9) Get Plucked – Duck Feathers Your Fly Tying Friends Can Use, by LIttle P.

    10) Road Trip Blues — Featured Music LIst for O-dark-thirty duck travels, by Mudddog. (PS: the digital mag can show videos).


    Deadline clock is ticking.






    Seriously Webbie you left me off the list again?



    Not really.  We just hadn’t decided on the two article ideas you submitted.  We liked both but figured the “Breast it Like a Man – teaching your wife to clean birds.” article was a bit on the edge for young readers.

    If you want to go ahead with the other article, “Wine Country Sprig & local Spirits” we think it would be a perfect compliment to the Beer and Jerky article.






    How to make a million on Monday and be homeless by Friday….R. Jimerson

    Runn’in n gunn’in the Mississippi Flyway while never leaving the comfort of your truck to take a piss…..BoneSack bruthas.

    Our times together at Brokeback Marsh….Click & Aussie

    Catching monster bass in El Salto and the clap in Nuevo Laredo….CrowHater



    Bumpin’ this.   On a serious note I’d sure like to see one of you guys have a piece in the new mag.  We have lots of submissions but none with your names on it.

    Who’s stepping forward?





    Time for JC to shine and get more publicity.

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