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    That’s when I called it. This season was pretty much DOA. Extreme low water conditions combined with a steady December freeze = worst season since ’98/99′

    Now it’ll be too warm to ice fish.



    It’s been a crazy year. Tons of mallards and black ducks in NY now.  Posting lots of interesting data in this weeks migration update.



    Ours is tomorrow whether we like it or not. I’m kinda ready for it.  I’ll get a few more hours of sleep in the morning since fishing doesn’t require as much. Sorry for your tough season though. There’s always next year though.



    We had an outstanding year for ducks.

    Canada and Spec geese not so much.

    It is looking positive for snows but time will tell. Last year sucked; more than Spacey.



    It’s just been a weird year. There’s plenty of birds here in Silt, but 30 miles west where I can hunt, there are 5 mergies and 1 ringneck hen. I’ve been trying for years to score some access just out of town here.

    I almost leased 50 acres 40 miles west. Good thing I didn’t. The whole section looked like a green peace ad for polar bears.



    A weak season for ol Cali Jack. Finished yesterday in bright skies, burning sun and 60 degrees. However, did pound the pizz out of em on Sat in the fog……21 for 3 guys in all flavors cept spoons. Wind was the major factor in the weak season. From many days w/ no wind to days w/ strong cold winds but from the east which is the kiss of death in the rice country. North to west winds are the normal prevailing winds of which we had little. Al Gore is definitely on to something!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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