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    I know a few of the local police well — at least those that hunt.  This past weekend my son had left a girl’s house after watching a movie and drove to his friend’s where they were convening for a “sleepover.”

    Of course the other guys, who were at other girl’s houses, had not returned yet and he was sitting in the truck waiting for them as the clock tic’d past curfew sending text messages to the entire planet as teens do.

    As he waited the local constabulary pulled around the corner and flipped on the spotlight.  He emerged from the car and gave my son the 20 questions while he held his license in his hand.  At some point in the questioning my son figured it was better to give up waiting for his friends and tell the officer his friends had not showed up so he was heading home.

    The officer looked at him as he handed him his license and said, “Tell your dad I said hi when you get home.   Has he been out hunting lately?”

    Well that lead to quick conversation between them about local hunting goings-on and then him being sent on his way home.

    When my son got in I got the whole, “OMG I was crapping in my pants at first” to the “you know everyone in town, don’t you?” conversation.

    It’s nice raising kids in a relatively small town.  The extra eyes are always good.

    Moments like that really lend weight to that statement, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

    🙂  🙂




    If you woulda not been big doggin over knowing some cop you would have got to hear about all the real reason he was crapping his pants.  I’ll list them


    Muling a 8 ball of coke for Billy

    Had a lid and a half of his own weed in his backpack

    Had 49 boxes of “cold” medicine because they were going to have a “cook out.”

    Banged his girlfriend a fourth time bareback because they were both out of rubbers.






    I’m sure he isn’t a saint.  I’ve found a few “flavored” cigar wrappers in the layout blinds that he and his friend’s used and I’ve had the “I swear dad that is not my can of chew” under the truck seat event.

    Hopefully we’ll never get to the items on your list or he’ll need the local constabulary to protect him from me.







    Mike Carpenter…..this is a friendly website where we like to have banter that creates good comraderie amongst the members. Demeaning and derogotory comments and accusations about a member’s family/children are totally unacceptable. You know this but seem to care less about someone’s feelings and you show total disregard on this. You are absolutely unconsionable in your thoughts and actions you immoral, pissant of a supposed human being.



    I am striving to persevere.  For that I am unable to offer solice to you gramps.



    Flavored Cigars?

    Did you also find an empty bottle of Hennessy and a dvd of the first season of “Meet the Browns”?

    Sounds like a good kid Webbie, but dont be nieve.  He was most likely the first kid back at at the house because he either couldnt seal the deal or did seal the deal but hasent learned to hold out yet.

    Couple of tips….

    If he’s having trouble closing the deal…….next “movie night” have him bring the movie Lonesome Dove. This will give him plenty of time to craft his game.

    If he’s having trouble holding out……..just so him a picture of JC and that will forever be his go to visual to kill the excitement.


    Swamp Gas

    As long as they aren’t grape flavored swishers and its chew instead of Newports you should be fine.


    Swamp Gas

    On a serious note honesty is key.  When I was a younger lad my folks knew what I was doing. 



    Those flavored cigars really cover up the scent of sensamilla well, don’t they?

    Too bad about the beer.



    It’s nice to hear a story about a run in with the law that turns out for both parties involved.  The officer cut a break for your son.  Your son learned the value of having friends and a good family name.


    My son Blake has been to cool to wear a seatbelt despite reapeated discussion with his folks and grandparents.  Wednesday he had the same conversation with a traffic officer.  🙂  The  officer conducted himself professionally and wrote him up.  As a young adult it has been a lesson he won’t soon forget or payoff!


    Canman Omaddie




    The marketing of those “flavored” Swishers doesn’t stop at racial boundaries.  It’s a kid thing and that candy flavor is there to mask the butt flavor of those mouth turds.  Even the “sports” kids think they are cool and fine because you don’t “inhale” cigars.

    If I knew which gas station or convenient store was selling them to the kids, they’d get a single warning from me before I pursued having their tobacco sales license pulled.

    Swisher should be ashamed of marketing these candy products to kids but there is no conscience in profits.





    When I was a kid the Shell station right next to our billboad sign hideout sold us Lucky Strikes… 25 cents a pack. No big deal! My, how times have changed.

    And Trojan rubbers at the drugstore too! When we turned 14 we’d get qts of beer and half-pints of liquor at the liquor store by sending in the nearest street bum w/ our money. Course, ya had to tip the bum and give him some smokes.



    I dont know webbie…..none of the kids I know smoke flavored cigars just to smoke em. I gotta side with Damon on this one….



    Here’s what he really was up to Webbie…  Me thinks he was hunting pussycats…




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