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    Just left Naples, FL and it hit 86*.  I like warm weather but thats just ridiculous for this time of year. Glad to be headed back norf.

    Also pumped for the first bass fishing trip of the year. Headed to Rayburn for a couple days this weekend. Water temps were already in the lower 60’s last week and the bite was on fire. Should be spawning soon if they arent already. Time to rip some lips.



    Oh, this is also the time of year I say my goodbyes to Click until early teal season rolls back around. He’ll go into spring cleaning mode then hibernate the rest of the summer.



    You guys got it made during the winter…….In the summer maybe not so much.



    Figured Click n Aussie might get an invite from Crow to join his Mounters Only saltwater fishing team aboard Crow’s new boat “duh Nigga Hater”. But Crow would be the Captain and you don’t dare question the Captain’s orders on the hi-seas so I guess they’ll take a pass.



    It can get pretty Xtreme down here in SETX.



    you still doing dollar general ??



    Yep.  June will be 11 years.



    Was 60 degrees here in northern Illinois today.  Lots of rain that might even run off into the bone dry swamp.

    Can’t say I’m missing the typical below zero weather but this just don’t seem right.





    60’s here too.


    Swamp Gas

    A balmy 36 here today.  We’re gonna get slapped hard in a couple days though.



    you doing any store in se Okla ??



    Havent seen any on the schedule yet but we do work in that area.  I know we have somewhere around 117 DGs to do in Feb but I havent seen the list yet.  I start in Cali on the 8th doing some DG Markets, but after that I’m not sure.



    Y’alls bite on fire up there too?



    You should have let me know you were headed to Naples. Have several friends there. One in particular has one heck of a grouper hole not far out from there. He sent me a pic of one he caught there about 2 weeks after my last trip there, 142#. Monster.



    In a cool mode now — a balmy +1F when I came in @ 0615.  Wind chill just sucks though.   Wanted to go p-dogging this weekend for a red mist/snow observation session, weather might not cooperate.




    Not that big on offshore fishing Kevin. Wouldnt have had time anyway.


    Saw on the news this morning that yall were getting blasted by a northern, Bill.  Hoping it stalls north of us so it don’t mess the bite up.



    We had a high of 57 on Tuesday, tomorrow will be a high of 5 and a low -8. Crazy weather! The good news is we are getting rain and snow- water for our ducks!


    Canman Omaddie

    15 now. high of -3 tomorrow, Low -15 starting to get a bit sick of the cold.


    Dipper Dave

    Poured a concrete foundation yesterday while it was in the 30’s.  cant strip forms until monday since the cold is coming back.  hopefully start waterproofing on tuesday


    I’m back in work mode, which sucks.  this cold can go anyday



    Looks like we dodged it for the most part. Lows in the mid 40’s and highs in the mid 60’s this weekend.

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