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    Dad and I have been wanting to plan an out of country duck hunt and finally decided we want to go to Mexico because of the large limit and still being able to kill ducks that we know. I know most of the continents redheads go down to mexico but we are mainly interested in getting on pintails and other puddle ducks. Pintails are definitely the main focus and i know what species you are mainly interested in makes a big difference in where you go. Most of the mexican guide services websites that i have look have not been very helpful in explaining how the hunt really goes and what the main ducks are in there area. Every site pretty much listed every species in Mexico on there kill list which is probably true, but no matter where you hunt 70% of the ducks you see are usually the same 2-3 species. We like to hunt, and we will hunt all day, we arent interested in calling it quits at 12 and hanging out at the lodge with only half a limit. Most of the sites I looked at said they hunt till noon, then take a lunch break and shoot doves or quail. We wouldn’t mind spending half the day quail hunting if we had the limit or close to it but we mainly want to hunt ducks. We don’t need guides to hold our hands and usually have more fun without one. Can anybody share experiences or advice on guide services or areas of mexico for awesome pintail hunting?
    Please help.


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