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  • Yes Kevin, but what does that amount to?? You may be correct with regards to “proportion”, however….look at the bottom line dollar amount. Delta can’t sniff their jocks on that….

    Furthermore, they are 2 very different organizations, with 2 very different approaches to conservation.

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    I was a DU committee member for 15 years, including 4 as area chairman. It’s a thankless job. It’s a giant pain in the a$$. You get absolutely nothing back for COUNTLESS HOURS/DAYS/WEEKS of beating down doors, drumming up donation, selling tickets, and filling the halls….not even a FukkIng pin….

    Now that I have that off my chest…..Don’t…[Read more]

  • 9:00 a.m. opener??? WTF??? That’s gotta be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard….?? The fukkin things done settled in somewhere by then…..Please tell me you can shoot til sunset at least??!!!

    Also….make sure you got steel dove loads if you shooting while waterfowl hunting!!

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    I’m not on FB. I agree, most of the folks are…..I’m not though.

    DU…..It’s not just a “June thing”. Go back and look at the amount of posts/threads/topics in say, the last 6 months?? There used to be 15 new topics a DAY!! There hasn’t been 15 in the 6 months.

    Hey….but on the upside, I been here twice in 2 days??!!! ;)

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    Just made my first post since God knows when?? I’m thinking it’s been 3 or 4 months.

    JC is right….This ship has sailed….

    I remember wondering if I’d get any work done at all when this thing was fun….The only good that’s come from it is, I’ll likely never have to see the names Ole Anderson or Spacedog EVER AGAIN!!!!

  • Someone wants to be a prostaffer!!! LOL!!!

  • We woulda heard if it went well!!! LOL!!

  • Best of luck to all, Jason. Dr’s do amazing things these days. I had twin nieces born at 2 lb 6 oz, and 2 lb. 10 oz. That was 12 years ago. Both awesome and regular kids.

    Congrats on the twin sons!!

  • It’s not up to me…..rather, it’s up to those who provoke. I’m merely a “reactor” here.

    Enough said….LOL!!!

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    LOL @ YU!!!!! “Man bitch” LOL!!!

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    Congrats, DU!!! He looks just like me!! LOL!! Gotta be an amazing feeling, pal….

    Guess I’ll throw it out there since we’re on the topic…..I’m gonna be in your shoes around the end of August. Momma is almost 14 weeks. We got married Oct. 12, and according to the math, she was knocked up about 1 month later. Still practicing though!! …[Read more]

  • I just looked at the aerial survey, YU……95,000

    That’s nothing compared to what will arrive….but it’s worth hunting.

    Boys didn’t have any luck this morning…..I might go tomorrow. Got the NWTF banquet tomorrow night, so there’s a better chance of hunting tomorrow then Sunday

  • You will. They’ll all be feeding in front of Scott’s house….

  • I’m a phone call away for technical help…..Text me if it’s physical help you’re after….LOL!!!

    Quite a few chickens stayin up on the lake already…..Don’t know where they’re finding water though?? Guy went to the pit Monday and shot 31 by himself….Gotta be sunny.

    Let me know….I might be able to slip away and give you a hand if’n you need it.

  • I don’t doubt a bit someone compiling a 13,000 fb spread. What I do doubt is the kill numbers. Come on…..Again, that’s a month straight of 120+ birds??!!! A MONTH STRAIGHT! And, that’s in one field??!! You ain’t movin that rig once it’s out….I can assure you. Fields thawing would make field access other then with atv’s impossible to move…[Read more]

  • What’s his name, DU. I’m not far south of “central IL”….I’d a thought I’d have heard of or about this guy??

    3600……That’s 120 birds in 30 days. Figure at best, if they start moving up say Feb. 15th, they’re likely done and gone come a month later on Mar. 15th?? He’s gotta avg. 120 a day?! We have a couple 100 – 120 days….but surely…[Read more]

  • Prayers sent. John is a good fella….Gives it his all, even at his age. I admire him for that.

    Family members passing is never easy….yet part of life. I’ve lost 4 grandparents in a 3 year span…..Never easy.

    God bless.

  • Back atcha, pal.

    I’m right at a case and a half so far….Still gots till Jan 31 to increase that number.

    Merry Christmas, Mike!!

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    Happy belated, Thad….

    Happy holidays as well….

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