• I received a portrait of my Black Lab, Thor. The person that gave it to me took the dog to a studio and had a professional do it. That dog is gone for 30 years and I still like that picture.

  • MallardKingWI replied to the topic Favorite Xmas song in the forum Online Lodge 1 year ago

    Let’s see, The night Santa went crazy by Wierd Al Yankovic is nice. I am Santa Claus to the tune of I am Iron Man by Black Sabbath. Or Mistress for Christmas by AC/DC. My last one would be Father Christmas by the Kinks.

    Ho, Ho, Ho

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    DU870, I had the same problem. I got it to work by clicking on the torn page symbol on the address line on your browser. It is a compatibility solver between old versions of the browser and this website. On mine it was just to the left of the refresh symbol.
    I still could not post to the hunting reports though

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    I had a shot like that earlier in the season. Feet down, wings cupped. Miss, miss, miss. I realized later that it wasn’t as close as I thought it was and got too excited.

  • It doesn’t matter if you are healthy enough to run the Ironman. Under the new system everyone is underwritten the same way and with the same coverage. So now all of us are paying for the unhealthiness of others.

  • I haven’t been to the Refuge. This site does seem to have a different “feel” around here after the upgrades to the system. Wisconsin doesn’t seem to get nearly as many reports as it used to. If you left DU870, Rearney, and myself out it wouldn’t even be worth visiting the hunting reports. And I mostly report about Horicon which most of the time…[Read more]