• hunted a creek in Worcester county didn’t see as many wood ducks as two weeks ago. saw a couple of big ducks, no teal, and a couple of Canadians. heard a far amount of shooting. on way home saw the most ducks I […]

  • I hunted the early teal season opener in september. weather was perfect. saw some big ducks, some Canadians and four teal but nothing was interested. this was the first time in about five years that there was another party hunting the early teal. did not hear a shot. hunted the opener in October. had a bad northeaster. water was really high, could…[Read more]

  • just getting ready for next season, but will be hunting snow geese first week of march @felicamac

  • i hunt the eastern shore of virginia also. i use rnt calls. buck garder makes some nice calls that are reasonable priced. i live in maryland, but my duck camp is in virginia