• JC posted an update 4 years, 9 months ago

    What’s new? I now am missing a total of 3 front teeth and won’t get my new implants until March and my sciatic nerve is bothering me again and my arthritic knees are killing me w/ this here cold spell we’re having and yesterday I busted a blood fissure in my azz that made for one helluva mess and because I keep squinting my left eye to where I look like a spaz I gotta apply eye drops 5 times a day. So……that’s what’s new as if it were any of your business.

    • WOW, and I thought that the fact I sat in that cold ass blind and haven’t shot a duck in four days was bad! Sorry to hear about all that but I guess you picked a good time what with all the great hunting. I will start picking up decoys tomorrow & just leave a few. My boy has to have knee surgery. 1/29 so don’t want to wait til the last minute. Hope to see you @ the annual meeting!

    • JC I finally found your old ass in the member pages and sent you a friend request. I guess you have to periodocialy cruise thru the member list and add friends. I just click all of em. Only met on penis cranium here and he left.(DH25) :mrgreen:

    • Hi Mike…….that has got to be frustrating. Last week I missed my 1st 3-day weekend of the season, I was worn out. I know it’s tough but try this strategy:

      In the AM either hunt from shooting time to 9:00am OR from 10:30am to noon. In the PM hunt from 2:00pm till the end. The PM hunting has been the best. Due to the cold the birds are coming out to feed twice daily in the daylite. They’re showing up in large groups…..10-25 and occasionally 100+, all sprig and widge. Bob Fowler in the Keeley field, blind just west of me on my check has been doing this w/ success, especially the PM hunt. Talked to Bob last nite. I’m going to hunt these times tomorrow thru Sunday. Tomorrow, if the hunting is poor in the early AM I’ll sleep in Sat-Sun and hunt the late AM and the PM.

    • John, just found this on the site today 2/13/13 so it’s mute I guess. Worse season for me ever! From what i hear from others i am not alone so just chalk it up to……. Will see you next year and look forward to a better year. Booked a trip with Mike this summer and am going to fly Mike Jr up for 6 days so am now looking forward to that and forgetting duck season. I am really having a difficult time with this revised site so…..!!!!