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    that is a good one webbieguruguy. i’ve most certainly burned many gallons of citronella oil in this thru the years. now my garage smells wierd till it gets seriously cold.

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    so i’m in the garage this morning about 0530, have the smudge pot running ’cause the skeeters are bad and all the sudden – WHOOMP – off goes the pot in a ball of flame and then its out. i be thinking i have a leak on the seam. gotta try this again tonight when its dark and i know its coming.
    enjoy the day.

  • wish i would have been smart enough to buy shotguns as an investment.
    never had a scooter i wouldn’t ride like i stole it, or a gun i won’t shoot.

    had a chance to buy some old brownings from a bro-in-law in didn’t ’cause of the price.
    dam sure could have tripled my cash outlay in less than 10 years. but i would have just wasted that cash like…[Read more]

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    go whack’em in the noggin. good for you buddy.


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    buddy, makes ya wonder how the hell we have made it this long. still convinced the big dude upstairs smiles on assholes since i’m still here.

    i did another dummy move the other day – whacked myself with the power washer. dam lucky it only took skin – not injected and i was on the sweep nozzle.


  • didn’t do the greg norman or nothing close but made myself laugh real good.

    so, i’m working on the 1st saw i ever bought and it is old. like late 70’s. put it up for storage right, so i didn’t expect a lotta problems. new fuel with a little seafoam, new oil, checked chain tension and replaced plug. 3 pulls and it fires.
    i spent a couple of…[Read more]

  • i cleaned the garage, prep dekes for flock.

    i’m not leaving MT this year. what i’ve saved the wench spent.


  • pumpkins got frosted last night — well if’n I had any. Seems early, but not.
    Doves be gone, sharp tail only till 4 Oct when the 1st session of MT waterfowl opens.
    Enjoy the day.

  • hey tq, hope all has been well with you and yours.
    taking them kids hunting again i see, very nice.

  • well look what the cat drug in.

    damon, how ya been? hope ya been good.


  • i need more dekes. what are you using for full bodies field mallards? kinda like the round base style over the stake style. ease of set-up and no cordless drill.

    if’n the b2 had a different base style …..
    what say all ya’ll.


  • today was not good, except i fed the mosquitos. hunted this hole in past seasons and has held birds well. nearly perfect for out here – wheat field with a run-off ditch that at this time of year has open rock bars, surrounded by russian olives and large cottonwoods. 6 birds total for 3 of us. i thought the skeeters were kinda bad previous this…[Read more]

  • congrats bro. glad to hear baby and mama doing well.


  • bud of mine has a sbe2 just like you, approx same vintage, and he has a helluva time during cold weather. shotgun fired fine for a couple of years, then something changed.
    actually asked if the old 11-87 supermag was for sale. horrors.
    let us know what ya decide and how ya like it. inquisitive mindless and all that shit.

    i’m kinda after a 3″…[Read more]

  • day 3 coulda/woulda been excellent. set up same spot as tuesday, 2 of us and around 0815 a contract construction crew set up doing dirt work for what appears to be a high speed internet line out to the country – just a guess, but looked like the same crew that put mine in however the hell long ago.

    16 total birds and i had some things that…[Read more]

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    day 2 was a hoot. 3 guys, 3 limits. mosquitos were nearly non-existant, not completely but acceptable.
    lotsa birds today in a wheat field not disc’ed yet. planning on same spot in the morn for just 2 of us. gonna have to get more permission slips for thursday and the weekend.
    jalepeno’s cleaned, need some more philly cheese. bacon thawed and…[Read more]

  • attaboy thadp. 4 total, 2 limits and 13 for the others. mosquitos were bad, ate bug juice like it was liquid steriods and then got real hungry.
    all in all, good opener.

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    Let us all pay tribute to the contributions and achievements of the AMERICAN worker.

    Remember why this is a holiday.


  • oh yeah — time is here for some fun. i cannot be the only one pumped up for this.

    made plans to return to the slaying spot last year, total of 5 public spots reserved for the 1st 3 days. smaller group than normal, only 4 of us for 1 day, 3 after that.

    have had a great year gaining access, have pheasant ground already reserved for 1 week,…[Read more]

  • that sucks for ya bro. hope ya’ll get some moisture – just poured the last several days – had to have been over 1.5″ – no rain gauge, horses keep breaking ‘em.
    filled up one of my mud holes real good – now gotta wait till 4 oct for waterfowl.

    folkenson, good to see ya back.

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