• pumpkins got frosted last night — well if’n I had any. Seems early, but not.
    Doves be gone, sharp tail only till 4 Oct when the 1st session of MT waterfowl opens.
    Enjoy the day.

  • hey tq, hope all has been well with you and yours.
    taking them kids hunting again i see, very nice.

  • well look what the cat drug in.

    damon, how ya been? hope ya been good.


  • i need more dekes. what are you using for full bodies field mallards? kinda like the round base style over the stake style. ease of set-up and no cordless drill.

    if’n the b2 had a different base style …..
    what say all ya’ll.


  • today was not good, except i fed the mosquitos. hunted this hole in past seasons and has held birds well. nearly perfect for out here – wheat field with a run-off ditch that at this time of year has open rock bars, surrounded by russian olives and large cottonwoods. 6 birds total for 3 of us. i thought the skeeters were kinda bad previous this…[Read more]

  • congrats bro. glad to hear baby and mama doing well.


  • bud of mine has a sbe2 just like you, approx same vintage, and he has a helluva time during cold weather. shotgun fired fine for a couple of years, then something changed.
    actually asked if the old 11-87 supermag was for sale. horrors.
    let us know what ya decide and how ya like it. inquisitive mindless and all that shit.

    i’m kinda after a 3″…[Read more]

  • day 3 coulda/woulda been excellent. set up same spot as tuesday, 2 of us and around 0815 a contract construction crew set up doing dirt work for what appears to be a high speed internet line out to the country – just a guess, but looked like the same crew that put mine in however the hell long ago.

    16 total birds and i had some things that…[Read more]

  • day 2 was a hoot. 3 guys, 3 limits. mosquitos were nearly non-existant, not completely but acceptable.
    lotsa birds today in a wheat field not disc’ed yet. planning on same spot in the morn for just 2 of us. gonna have to get more permission slips for thursday and the weekend.
    jalepeno’s cleaned, need some more philly cheese. bacon thawed and…[Read more]

  • littleponderosa replied to the topic Doves for anyone? in the forum Online Lodge 2 weeks ago

    attaboy thadp. 4 total, 2 limits and 13 for the others. mosquitos were bad, ate bug juice like it was liquid steriods and then got real hungry.
    all in all, good opener.

  • littleponderosa started the topic Labor Day in the forum Online Lodge 2 weeks ago

    Let us all pay tribute to the contributions and achievements of the AMERICAN worker.

    Remember why this is a holiday.


  • oh yeah — time is here for some fun. i cannot be the only one pumped up for this.

    made plans to return to the slaying spot last year, total of 5 public spots reserved for the 1st 3 days. smaller group than normal, only 4 of us for 1 day, 3 after that.

    have had a great year gaining access, have pheasant ground already reserved for 1 week,…[Read more]

  • that sucks for ya bro. hope ya’ll get some moisture – just poured the last several days – had to have been over 1.5″ – no rain gauge, horses keep breaking ‘em.
    filled up one of my mud holes real good – now gotta wait till 4 oct for waterfowl.

    folkenson, good to see ya back.

  • thadp – ya’ll got any water anywhere? Thought i saw the delta maybe the only water around and no flooding? Dam.

  • nice work bro. i be calling.

  • littleponderosa replied to the topic DU vs Delta in the forum Online Lodge 1 month, 4 weeks ago

    Dam, that’ll teach ya to live where there is a population base. We have DU and essentially no one else. They just picked up one of my local spots last year, taking it over for this season. I’ll let ya know how our money was spent for access.

  • littleponderosa replied to the topic Healthy? in the forum Online Lodge 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    as a old drunk, my liquid intake is large. started drinking the elixir @ 12 ounces, ended the 4L bottle drinking 2-3 ounces. that shit is just nasty. as far as the procedure, no problem – ya just wake up feeling groggy.

    GET IT DONE brother.


  • Thats not it – I’m kinda in a major league, game changing issue @ work. I’m seriously considering walking next year @ 55. Gotta get some shit straight first, then I’ll make a decision. Cash money jobs are still ok by me if I need some play dough.


  • littleponderosa replied to the topic Healthy? in the forum Online Lodge 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    HAHAHA – lifestyle probably figures into this. How much I have no idea.

    I’m guessing my dedication to rare beef had something to do with it. Dam, had a full blood panel done in Jan and the worst number was @ 38% towards the bad side.
    Cholesterol was 127. I’m kinda healthy, just not completely.


  • Probably gonna be long – I’ll try to limit.

    So, when i was going to MO for the spring snow goose hunt I became violently sick with a case of food poisoning – local joint with bad mushroom swiss brgr. knew something was wrong – but I’d done it to myself.
    Gotta go to the beginning – started passing blood in the stool in Sept and chitting became…[Read more]

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