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  • Happy Camp has taken a break so we are hunting in Wisconsin for a bit. Come early November, we will be in North Dakota, there is NO place like the Prairie during the migration@@

  • HI fellow waterfowlers! I just returned from northern North Dakota and got Shadow’s Quack Shack ready for the hunting season! I am wondering if any of you are looking for a place to rent while in North Dakota?
    Shadow’s Quack Shack is a fully furnished, small house in northern North Dakota that I bought with my buddy and pal of 12 years, Shadow…[Read more]

  • I have a small, furnished house for rent in northern ND. The place is set up for duck hunters who have good dogs and a very fair price! I have limited openings this year please PM or email me at

  • Thanks for sharing that special link!

  • Chris Fuge started the topic INTEREST in the forum Land and Leases 4 years, 5 months ago

    We have a resort in Ontario that has fishing and hunting and I would like to swap a duck hunt or lease for a trip to Happy Camp. We can take you fishing, Bear or Bird hunting! Let me know your thoughts and we will go from there!!

    Check us out at

  • I am looking for some hunters to work towards building a duck/goose hunting camp either in North Dakota or Canada.
    I do not have much money, but the desire to build a camp with a bunch of guys and have it for many years to come! I have searched out and found some places and am looking for fellow hunters who are interested in the same thing: A…[Read more]

  • Looking for thoughts on what will happen with all the loss of CRP in the prairie pothole region!
    In my opinion, habitat can not be replaced and it will hurt us down the road, and with millions of acres being turned over again, birds will again suffer!

    What do you think?

  • I am with my 3rd Lab and she is maturing slower than the others. She is 2.5 and still much a puppy, and while the drive is fantastic, sometimes the foolishness gets me frustrated!
    I used to turn to waterfowler for advice, hope I get some!

  • Interestingly how I have been gone for various reasons and now looking for the site that was very active years ago! No current posts really anywhere and that saddens me to see that happening.
    Yes it is the people who choose not to post or rather go elsewhere. I use to be field editor in ND and posted a lot, now looking for that, but no where…[Read more]

  • I left the teaching field and opened a resort in northern Ontario. Happy Camp near Hillsport will open for its first full year in Mid May of 2013. We offer fishing, hunting and outdoor opportunities for outdoor novice to expert! Check us out at

    Magoo and I are eager to get after some waterfowling and as I write, the…[Read more]

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