Migration Update — March 26, 2013

Saving the tundra under the Conservation Order.

Saving the tundra under the Conservation Order.

The spring migration of mid-continental light geese continues this week with a fresh round of precipitation from yet another winter storm. While light goose numbers are nearing the annual peak in South Dakota, substantial numbers remain in Nebraska, and southwest Iowa at this time. As hunters in North Dakota ready for the first arriving flocks, North Dakota Fish and Game has published their most recent webcast to discuss the season with waterfowl biologist Mike Szymanski.

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If you have had the chance to hunt light geese this spring, the extended cold, snow and wintery conditions have been on your side. The light goose migration this spring has occurred much later this year compared to 2012 – as the weather then was substantially milder.

Of course, the old saying is that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Warming trends are predicted to begin in the coming weeks and a spring thaw is in the forecast for the first part of April. For those who have not hunted light geese this spring, the end to the long winter will be welcomed with open arms.

From fishing to dog training, the spring sportsman will emerge from their post-season hibernation and venture into the great outdoors. While the start of the waterfowl season may seem light-years in the future, it is a mere five months away.

The May pond counts and breeding pair survey will begin in just over a month and another month later the U.S. Fish and wildlife service will publish the results to establish the frameworks for the coming season. During that time birds will complete their courtship rituals, nest and begin to rear their young.

By the month of July, lottery drawings for public lands will begin and those who mange food plots for waterfowl will have already sown their seeds.

Yes, the off-season is very short indeed. There are only nineteen weekends before it all begins again.

Waterfowler.com reminds our readers to be sure and post their hunting report or season summary during the remaining days of March. Participants will be automatically registered in the Mallard Motel, March Madness contest. The winner of the random drawing will win a Mallard Motel – courtesy of Waterfowler.com and Mallard Motel. As always, offer void where prohibited by law and no purchase is necessary.

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