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WFC Forum & Website User Guide

Welcome to our new website. While a number of functions have remained the same there are many new features. The following guide will assist you in making the most of your WFC Interactive Areas.


1)  Click on “create an account” in the login box or select “Free Registration” under the “Join” menu.

2) Complete the fields on the form. NOTE: the name in the Profile Details field on the right side is the Display name other viewers will see on the website. This can be changed at any time, as it is for display purposes only (like a nickname). Your USERNAME, which you will use to login, cannot be changed once you create your account, so choose carefully.

3) Click “Complete Sign up” to register, then check your email for an activation code and link.

4) When you receive the email, click on the activation link. As soon as the link takes you to the site it will automatically enter your key code and you will get a “success” message to login.

5) Click the HOME button on the top menu and login.

NOTE: If you login in the Activation page, the “ENTER KEY” message will appear again, blank, and asking for your code — IGNORE THIS MESSAGE and click anywhere on the site you’d like to go — as you account is already logged in and active.



Access your USER CONTROL PANEL by clicking on your display name in the LOGIN box. The Control Panel is summary page for all your account settings, activity summaries for the site and your friends, private messages and group controls. Be sure to explore all the potions as they are very helpful for navigating the site and tracking recent activity where you may want to expire or participate.

Control Panel First Steps:

IMPORTANT: When you click your name on the site you are taken to your control panel. If you click on another users name, you see the PUBLIC data from their control panel. The pages look the same but the name at the top determines “whose” page you are on.



1) Click on your name in the login box. The default tab is ACTIVITY. The Activity tab collectively displays YOUR most recent activity on You can click to jump to those areas or post comments on those items directly in the activity window.

Under the Activity tab as sub-tabs for MENTIONS, FAVORITES, FRIENDS and GROUPS — each will filter and create a list of site-wide activity for those areas.

2) The yellow “What’s new” box at the top is a site wide message to friends and members — similar to a Facebook status message. The message you type here will be posted on your activity feed and appear on the feeds of people on your friend’s list. “What’s New” posts can be commented on and receive comments:

What’s new Webmaster? : Shot some ducks today and hunted with kids.
Commented on by Support: Nice! Get to work now.


1) PUBLIC – Shows the information that other users can see about you on the website.

2) EDIT – Allows you to edit your public data — i.e.: DISPLAY NAME users see when you post.

3) CHANGE AVATAR – Allows you to upload and crop a new avatar image. Click CHOOSE FILE, browse your computer for an image and click UPLOAD. CROPPING can be confusing. It is easiest if you click the cross hairs in the lower right side of the image then drag it to the opposite corner. The portion of the image within the square, dotted-line will be your avatar. Click Crop image when you are happy with the selection and you are done. Your new image should appear.


1) To send a private message, click on a users name anywhere on the site. When their profile page appears, click “send private message”. The link takes you to a private message form in the COMPOSE tab — where the user’s name is already addressed in a box. ONLY enter additional names if you want the message to go to multiple people. Fill in a topic, Enter you message and click send message.

2) INBOX — To read messages — go to your control panel. Click messages, and INBOX. IN this panel you can read and reply to messages and delete them when you see fit.

3) SENT — List sent messages.

4) COMPOSE — is where you can send private messages.

5) NOTICES — are site wide messages for all members from WFC.



1) FREINDSHIPS — List your current Friends. To cancel a friend ship click the associated button to the user.

2) REQUESTS — Shows pending friend requests that others have sent you. In this tab you can accept or reject that request.

ADDING Friends — Click on their name anywhere on the site. When you arrive at their profile click “Add Friend” to request friendship. The person will receive an email notification for that friend request and will have to approve it in their own control panel.


1) MEMBERSHIPS — list the groups you belong to.
2) INVITATIONS — list invitations you have received from group creators.



Lists topics you have created and the most recent activity. Click the topic name to enter those topics.



A place to edit your account email address and password.

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