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  1. I chased ditch chickens over the weekend and I was slightly amazed at how many ducks I saw on the spring fed creeks. I saw one flock 8 black ducks, that is 5 more than I have seen while hunting them. This is the year we could have used a few more days in December.

  2. Jeez, the report area is all the way to the bottom of the page! We ended the season on a high note by hunting a river and got 3 mallards on the last day. The last drake was taken about 20 minutes before closing. Love those end of the season birds. They are so much bigger than the locals. One of the birds was so stuffed with corn it was coming out of the beak when we picked it up.

  3. Took the dog for a walk this afternoon. There is a drainage creek between houses with some open water. I is maybe 10 feet wide but there must have been 20 big two curlers in that water. City ducks, they barely even swam away much less fly!

  4. The little river I duck hunt on filled up with green heads on Sunday afternoon. They appeared out of the heavens starting around 1:30 and kept coming till about 3. Or course I was sitting in my deer stand questioning if I should go home and get my dog and decoys. Last year the big groups of green heads showed up on October 30th.

    • We also hunt a little river at this time of year but have only been doing it a couple of years. We go for opening and it is usually done by 9. Do the ducks usually come to the river in the afternoon like that? Maybe we are going too early and would do better off by getting there at noon. Does it always pattern out that way?

  5. I had a normal season compared the last 5 or 8. Hit and miss all season, with the big push coming after duck is closed. Still have goose hunting opportunities in the Chippewa Valley, but it really sucks when the greenheads pile in too. Lack of water really condensed the ducks, but the geese were in their normal places at normal times.

    I don’t think that we need to push season back a week, but push the divider for north and south back to highway 64 where it was 8 or 10 years ago. We’d be in the south zone then where we belong. The northern guys would get their early start like they want, and us in the middle would be better off too!

  6. Went back up to Horicon today and as I suspected the marsh was froze tight. Even the greenhead lauch had ice on it. I did see where the river was open further down from the launch but once you got to the marsh it would be all iced over anyway. Looked like one boat broke through though. Burnett’s ditch was busted up for a little way but then it was solid too. Pike Lake on Highway 60 had ice for twenty yards around the edge and the bay on the southeast end was iced over. I didn’t see any birds in the open water.