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  1. Horicon was pretty dead this morning but that was to be expected with no wind and all sun. Ground fog in the morning made the trip out very interesting and slow. Only about 7 cars in the two docks in the city. Don Miescke was at the dock this morning and we got the should have been here yesterday speech. “The Redheads and Canvasbacks were coming through”.
    One guy at the dock said he did something he had never done before. He fell head first out of the boat picking up a duck. He was laughing about it so what could have been dangerous just turned out to be embarrassing.

  2. Had a good opener in Green Lake Co. We got a total of 7 ducks, and 4 geese for 2 guys. This past weekend was pretty flat, only 1 goose.

  3. We had a pretty good weekend with what appeared to be some new ducks. Had nice bunches of mallards working on Saturday and Sunday. The woodies and mallards we shot were nice mature birds.

  4. Hey, who invited all these guys to hunt Horicon?! I’ve hunted there for 40 years and haven’t seen anything like this. You can’t even find a spot to park the car after you launch. I had to wait 10 minutes just to get my boat out of the water because hunters were lined up with there car and boats. I see a pile of empty shells in the bottom of one guy’s boat and he tells me he got 1 bird. Don’t know if that is the truth or not. Did see some young kids this year, instead of the old geezers like me, so that was good. And the early shooting at Horicon is getting ridiculous. Someone shot 20 minutes early the one day I was there.
    I say we go back to the old days the really old timers talk about where you could only motor up the main ditch and then you had to take a skiff and push pole back to the good spots.

  5. Eau Claire County, yesterday didn’t get set up correctly, still managed two ducks, many ducks down with the wind and rain, good mixture of puddle ducks and divers. Today in a good spot, but no birds, would have thought with a good n-nw wind overnight, it would have been a good morning, very disappointing.

  6. Eau Claire county, yesterday was the day from the hunters I talked to, couldn’t get out myself though. Was out today, scratched out a wood duck and a drake mallard. Not many birds stuck around. Wood ducks seem to have moved on, and still haven’t seen any teal. Good luck and safe hunting.

  7. Our shortened season came to an end this evening. Magoo and I will be heading north to Ontario for October for our Moose hunt at Happy Camp!
    We are Happy to report that in central Wisconsin, Teal are bunching up and we saw nice sized groups come to roost in our pond at dark along with Woodies and Mallards. Also, there is a good number of Geese in the area choosing various corn fields to hang out in!
    As I walked back from the pond with Magoo, I am reminded why I hunt, for the sights and sounds of birds, nature, dogs, and all that is brought to each and every opportunity! During the last week I have spent a lot of time in the marsh, got a few birds, but more importantly was reminded how special each hunt is. If we are able to get a few into the decoys and bring them home for dinner, great, if not, that’s great too!
    Until we reach the prairie of ND in early November, we wish all of you a fantastic season, take care and hug the hounds!!

  8. Went salmon fishing this weekend but should have hunted Sunday. Drove past multiple lakes in southern WI that were void of ducks Saturday but coated with coots, ruddy ducks and a smattering of ringers and red heads on Sunday.

    This mini cold front pattern id moving birds in a steady trickle it seems.

  9. If anyone is hunting the Eau Claire area I am a student here and I have two canoes on different lakes and I have plenty of decoys, I’m just looking for some new guys to hunt with.

    • Nathan — welcome to WFC. Be sure to pop into the forums and Online Lodge. A lot of old time members there who all met through WFC and have hunted together a lot over the years. I’m sure they will be wary helpful.

  10. Here we go fellow hunters! Good Luck to all and hope to hear all of your stories soon!

  11. Looks like a good opener here in central WI. I have not hunted here in years but will be this year! Good water levels around as well as Teal, Woodies and Mallards. Geese are in good supply and the field is ready for them.
    Magoo and I will be chasing them somewhere. Looking forward to seeing the feet come down locked on the blocks as Magoo shakes.
    Then the smell of burnt gunfire and wet dog, only smell better is the grilling of fresh ducks!

  12. We eneded up not chasing teal for the early opener and decided to go after dove. We put a pile of miles on the truck, hit 12 DNR sunflower fields and shot 8 birds. Pretty slow dove hunting, maybe should have chased teal.

  13. I chased ditch chickens over the weekend and I was slightly amazed at how many ducks I saw on the spring fed creeks. I saw one flock 8 black ducks, that is 5 more than I have seen while hunting them. This is the year we could have used a few more days in December.