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  8. The 2013-14 season stunk! Oh sorry… already knew that.

  9. With just 2 weeks left and the poor getting poorer season it’s time for decoy pickup and storage and get ready for this Sunday’s NFL game of the decade. Let’s hope the 2013-14 season becomes a thing of the distant past, never to repeat itself in our lifetime.

  10. Today our balance of the state season is 30 days old. In the Sacto Valley today’s hi is 75 and lo 49. Not a breath of wind. 10 day forecast calls for much of the same. So much for a 100 day season!!!

  11. Sounds like California hunters are a thing of the past. Pretty soon the liberals will make it illePoorgal to hunt in California. Sad sad sad.

  12. Now looks like 2/3rds of the fields are harvested and some are being flooded. Lots of specs in the area but no ducks….no morning or evening flights. Poor hatch in the valley so looks like 1st wk of Nov before any northern birds arrive.

  13. Early rice harvest in the Sacto Valley. My 5000 ac club is 90% harvested and half the fields are being chopped right now. Might be ready for the opener for the 1st time in 20 yrs.

  14. Bill to Ban Hunting in California Advances in Senate

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Today the Senate Appropriations Committee moved to pass Assembly Bill 711 (Rendon) which will effectively ban hunting in California by banning traditional lead ammunition; the first statewide ban of its kind in the nation. The bill now moves to the California State Senate Floor and is opposed by a large coalition including every major hunting and sporting organization in California, as well as a coalition of Labor leaders and organizations concerned about the impact to their members.

    Proponents of the bill have argued that hunters could simply switch to non-lead ammunition, but alternative metals are classified as “armor piercing” by the federal government and require a special permission to make, sell or possess. Thus far, the federal government has refused to grant permission. Alternative ammunition would be exceedingly expensive and supplies would not meet the demands of hunters. By eliminating hunting in California, the state would lose millions in conservation funding that depends upon ammunition and license fees paid by hunters.

    Despite the unavailability of alternative ammunitions, the committee passed the bill, although it was amended to delay implementation of the lead ban until 2019.

    “Not only does passage of this bill needlessly jeopardize millions of dollars of federal conservation funding California receives annually as articulated by the Department of Finance analysis of the bill, but these new amendments shine a light on supporters’ true intentions,” noted National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) Senior Vice President and General Counsel Lawrence Keane. “Their goal is to end hunting and sports shooting, beginning with California.

    “Both the Department of Fish and Wildlife and bill proponents led by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) have largely ignored concerns of ammunition manufacturers and the hunting community. While proponents talk publicly about an immediate concern for the health of wildlife ingesting traditional lead ammunition, delaying this bill makes that urgency argument moot. Instead, this legislation seems aimed at crippling California’s hunting community and industry and mission driven by organizations that want hunting banned.” There is no sound science that California’s hunters use of traditional ammunition is adversely impacting wildlife populations. Supporters of the bill also knowingly falsely claim that using traditional ammunition poses a human health risk to hunters.

  15. Need to get more guys reporting here….reporting on whatever! Need to stir-up the action on the Cali forum.

    Hey Ric Jimerson……your ol lady wears combat boots. That oughta get it go’in!!!

  16. RECORD ALBERTA SNOWPACK AND PROJECTED SPRING POND COUNT. The title says it all. Steady snow accumulation since last October and massive snowstorms late March into April. Now temps are warming rapidly so quick snowmelt will fill ponds, lakes and marshes to the brim for the breeding season.


  18. Missed hunting last week……1st time this season. Have report come Monday.

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