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  14. Damn…This place went not only downhill, it went all the way TO THE BOTTOM AND DROWNED !!!!! Peace out peeps !!!

  15. Anthony I remember you from years gone bye on here. This place used to really be something back in the 1990’s and now look at it. I haven’t hunted Ohio in a few years but that is going to change this coming season, if we get one, LOL…

  16. WTF happened to this website over the past couple of years. Talk about going down the toilet !!! Anywho… hunting in Ohio has been pretty consistent all season. October was good,,,, November was good as usual and going into Christmas, there are more waves of birds coming through Ohio. Birds are North, South West and East.. so they are pretty spread out all over the state. Water was good this year and crops came off late this season. There has been a good variety this as well which is a nice change. I am a firm believer that when the USFWS says there are a lot of ducks and estimates each of the populations = we see more different kinds of ducks. We have been shooting Wigeon, Redheads and Black Ducks since before Halloween this year. Well I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a good New Year.

    Stay thirsty my friends !!!!


  18. Hello all:

    I hope everyone and their families are well these days. This weekend begins another season of waterfowl hunting. Good luck to everyone that heads up to “the pond” and please give each other plenty of space so people aren’t hunting right on top of one another. It is only common courtesy since the Lake Erie Marchs Zone is the only game in town for the time being.
    There are a good amount of birds in the state right now. Ohio seemed to have a very good hatch of local mallards, wood ducks and even some divers this year. I am sure we have picked up some trickles of other birds with a couple of the recent cool fronts from the North. Lake St. Clair is holding a tremendous amount of birds this year and the hunting has been great. Redheads and some Cans are already making their way into that region as well. Report is that there are a lot of Mallards, Blacks, Wigeon,Ringers and Greenwings there as well.

    I will not be hunting this season in the Lake Zone, so someone else please do some reporting from up there. If I get info, I will post it up. There’s just too much traffic and novices that hunt the lake and its shorelines these days when it is the only open zone for hunting, so I am just avoiding it all together. Lake Erie has mile after mile of shoreline, yet people feel the need to bring their boats and set up 50 yards apart.

    Good luck to everyone this year, be safe and hammer ’em .

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