New Minnesota Public Hunting Area Named After Federal Premium®

Federal Premium - Public Hunting Land, Minnesota

Federal Premium – Public Hunting Land, Minnesota

ANOKA, Minn. – August 31, 2012 – The Federal Premium® Wildlife Conservation Area at Kings Island was recently dedicated and is now open for hunting just in time for the fall season. This piece of land sits on the banks of the storied Mississippi River and is located minutes from Federal Premium’s Anoka, Minn. factory.

Honored for Being Business Leader
At the City Council’s July 23 meeting designating the area, Anoka Mayor Phil Rice said, “Federal Premium Ammunition has been an anchor in the business community of the city of Anoka, Minnesota for many years and Federal Premium Ammunition has been one of the City’s top employers for several generations and the top employer for many of those years. The City of Anoka is proud to have Federal Premium Ammunition as an integral part and valued member of our community.” Continue reading

Migration Update – December 15, 2008

With snow and ice building in northern states over the past week from a series of wintery weather systems, the waterfowl migration is progressing in grand fashion. With a mass of arctic air driving across the nation, temperatures and waterfowl are on the move to their most southerly destinations.

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With duck seasons closed or about to close in many northern states, weather has become the deciding factor in driving ducks and geese to their wintering grounds. The timing of the current arctic weather system couldn’t be better, and the size and path of the air mass is an absolute duck hunters dream. Continue reading

MIGRATION REPORT – December 30, 2004

Winter? From snowsuits to short pants, winter came and went for much of the US this past week. Warm weather has begun thawing out frozen fields and lakes and everyone is wondering just how the ducks and geese are going to react.

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With a new year just ahead, wants to thank all our members for their support during 2004. Happy New Year to all, and may 2005 bring the best to all our members and guests and to the North American Waterfowl which brings us all together.

In many areas, more than half of the regular waterfowl season is still ahead and the light goose conservation season is still to come. Be sure to renew your Membership to keep up with the latest news and migration activity as the peak of the season gets underway and the light geese build up for their return migration. Continue reading

MIGRATION UPDATE – November 10, 2004

Cold weather is moving down through the middle of the nation, and reports of migration activity are increasing for many southern states, but the big push of mallards still looks to be holding north of the US/Canadian Border.

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All eyes are on Canada and the Northern Plains as we move into the middle of November. A short-lived but strong cold front has the potential to move birds over the weekend, and hopes are high for some major migration activity as we inch closer to the Holidays. Continue reading

MIGRATION UPDATE – April 29, 2004

More record breaking warmth rolled across the country this week, pushing all but the last remnants of the snow goose migration back into Canada.

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With the breeding season underway all eyes are on the duck factory. This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s May pond counts, an aerial survey done to estimate waterfowl breeding populations and nesting conditions. This portion of the monitoring process is a key in setting next year’s waterfowl season. So, as the survey gets underway we will keep you up to date on the latest reports and conditions from the breeding ground. Continue reading

March 17, 2004 – Migration Update

Snowfall across much of the upper Central and Mississippi flyways this week is keeping the migration of light geese well below the Canadian border. A sharp warming trend is on the way, though, for most of the southern and mid-tier states, and the geese are likely to make a big jump north as the recent snows melt.

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In three short days winter will be but a memory. Spring is all but here–but try telling that to folks around the Great Lakes and along the upper eastern seaboard. Fear not! The world will green and the flowers will bloom, but don’t pack away that heavy coat just yet. Continue reading

November 3, 2003 – Migration Update

Snow is falling across much of Canada and the Northern Prairie, and waterfowl in the midsection of the continent are on the move.

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Tricks and treats were in the air for the Halloween weekend as snow begins to accumulate in Canada and the upper Midwest while the east coast faces a warming trend.

With the first real push of weather and birds driving down out of Canada, the Migration Mapping System and Field Reports are proving to be key tools for waterfowlers out to intercept the migration. Don’t let these great tools slip through your grasp. Join today for as little as $14.95. From ProShop discounts to REAL TIME MIGRATION TRACKING, it’s easy to see why folks are calling “…the best deal in duck hunting.” Just click on the JOIN TODAY button, sign up and see how a Membership to can save you time and money while giving you an extra edge to be in the right place at the right time. Continue reading