Migration Update – June 11, 2013

Photo credit by Caleb Spiegel, USFWS and Flyways.us

Photo credit by Caleb Spiegel, USFWS and Flyways.us

The May Breeding Surveys have concluded and conditions vary greatly across the waterfowl breeding range.  Overall, pond counts will be lower this year with breeding pairs will be near the 2011 and 2012 counts in most areas.

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In an average year the complexity of conducting the survey is monumental at best.  This season the late arrival of spring and harsh weather patterns added widespread delays and difficulty to the entire process.  Despite the delays caused by these storms, they did provide much needed rain in areas in many areas of the Dakotas. Continue reading

Migration Update – April 29, 2013


Photo by Jim Wortham, USFWS

Data collection for the Annual Waterfowl Breeding and Habitat Survey will begin in just a few days.  As ground and aerial teams embark on the most extensive wildlife survey conducted each year, Waterfowler.com reminds its readers that real-time updates and reporting are available to the public at FLYWWAYS.US.   As the teams traverse the breeding grounds, readers can access updated reports, photographs and habitat reports throughout the data collection process.  While we do relay the information here in summary format, if you want a front seat in the cockpit with the survey team for your breeding areas, visit FLYWAYS.US today. Continue reading

Migration Update — March 26, 2013

Saving the tundra under the Conservation Order.

Saving the tundra under the Conservation Order.

The spring migration of mid-continental light geese continues this week with a fresh round of precipitation from yet another winter storm. While light goose numbers are nearing the annual peak in South Dakota, substantial numbers remain in Nebraska, and southwest Iowa at this time. As hunters in North Dakota ready for the first arriving flocks, North Dakota Fish and Game has published their most recent webcast to discuss the season with waterfowl biologist Mike Szymanski. Continue reading

Migration Update – March 7, 2013


Continued snowfall in portions of the Mississippi Flyway has held snow geese south of their usual stomping grounds for this time of year.  Snow geese that had drifted back into Arkansas in previous weeks have begun to move north again into southern and central Missouri.  As should be expected, large amounts of snow on the ground has made it difficult to decoy birds with white decoys – that snow on snow thing is problematic at best for early migrators. Continue reading

Migration Update – February 15, 2013

Arkansas Snows - Member photo credit, Dukguy

Arkansas Snows – Member photo credit, Dukguy

As the 2012-2013 general waterfowl season comes to an end, light goose hunting under the Conservation Order begins in portions of the Central, Mississippi and Atlantic Flyways.  For the avid waterfowl hunter, spring snow goose hunting is an excellent opportunity to extend the season and help reduce the burgeoning light goose populations to protect fragile nesting habitat in the arctic tundra.  If you have yet to participate in this special spring harvest, there is still time to plan your spring adventure.

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With the exception of a few remaining special, youth waterfowl hunts, the duck hunting season has ended in the United States until the start of the 2013-2014 season which begins almost six short months from now in some areas. Continue reading

Migration Update – January 9, 2013


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Migration Update – January 2, 2013


Hen Mallard Flying (c) Steve Davis

Snow and ice in the north have pushed ducks further south but many mallards remain in areas with limited open. From Texas panhandle to Delaware, duck numbers remain below average for this time of year. Goose hunting activity and hunter success has increased dramatically with the snow in the upper third of the nation. Light goose hunting is good to excellent in the north-central states of the coastal flyways with Canada goose hunting in the middle tier of the heartland and central plains good to excellent.

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Migration Update – December 10, 2012


Bluebill at the docks. (c) Steve Davis

While there are many variables in migration but an abundance of snow will always move ducks and geese south. Snow accumulation from western Montana to Wisconsin has finally blanketed the upper third of the flyway and forced ducks and geese south. The concentration of mallards in South Dakota has begun to move south along with mid-continental light geese. Mallard numbers are on the rise from Nebraska to central Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas, with Canada goose numbers ramping up in areas just below the snowline. Continue reading