Foul Weather No Obstacle With StormR Stealth Hunting Gear

Stormr Stealth Jacket

Stormr Stealth Jacket

Hunters wearing StormR Stealth gear say let the frigid winds blow and the cold rain fall. They know foul weather and outstanding waterfowl hunting go hand-in-hand. Wearing clothing like a StormR Stealth Jacket, Stealth Bib and a pair of Stealth Gauntlet Gloves, hunters can defy the elements while others are forced back to camp early to dry out and warm up.

StormR clothing offers safety, warmth and mobility, and these products are so durable they have raised the industry standard.

Waterfowlers will find that the Stealth series combines good-looking and very functional camo patterns for any winter hunting situation. True to its name, the Stealth series incorporates Realtree Max-4 camouflage to make hunters invisible to ducks and geese.

With revolutionary Neoprene Core Technology, the Stealth series ensures you’re able to move quickly to get the gun on ducks winging over the decoys. StormR is owned by Henderson Sports Group, which has manufactured neoprene for half a century and understands the material’s unique abilities. The resulting Stealth series provides maximum comfort and maneuverability-along with superior thermal benefits-in a thin, soft, flexible, wind and waterproof shell. It is a one-of-a-kind product found nowhere else on the market.

You will know serious waterfowl hunters had a hand in designing the fine touches of StormR Stealth clothing when you see the magnetic pocket closures and internal neoprene cuffs. Other special features include strategically placed gear pockets, shell pockets and a call holder.

To guarantee head-to-toe protection, the Stealth line includes the Stealth Watch Cap Beanie, Stealth Jacket, Stealth Bib, Stealth Gauntlet Neoprene Gloves, and the Stealth Decoy Neoprene Gloves. Protect your entire body from the elements. Wearing StormR Stealth, hunters can stay longer and move freely without the bulk of extra layers. Serious hunters know that means more ducks.

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