Migration Update – April 30, 2012

The spring waterfowl surveys have begun and reports have already begun to roll in at FLYWAYS.US. As expected the mild winter has had some impact on seasonal wetlands but early reports indicate fair to good conditions in central Canada, with heavy spring rains recharging many areas in the east. While it’s still too early to make any definitive assumptions for the entire breeding area, we will follow the reports with a hopeful outlook. Hello folks, and, as always, welcome to Waterfowler.com.

For our readers, real-time reporting is the stuff dreams are made of. Throughout the hunting season, we wait for good news to arrive from our participants that the migration is underway and birds are on the move. If you are anything like us, and we’re sure some of you are, we think you’ll find similar excitement in the survey team reports at FLYWAY.US.

From the start of the first flights to the last seasonal-steps of the ground survey crews, you can ride shotgun across the northern breeding grounds and stay informed of the conditions and counts that are used to determine the coming season length and bag limits. In addition to their written reports, the crews provide a collection of images from their travels than include a birds-eye view from the cockpit and close ups of nests and nesting species. To put it mildly, there is no shortage of information for the avid waterfowl hunter to geek out on. Of course, you can’t expect the same digital fan fair and hyper-media blitz surrounding the NFL draft but in our world the survey data is just as important and we encourage you to visit FLYWWAYS.US throughout the month of May.

Waterfowler.com would like to thank our returning advertisers and sponsors for their continued support and encourage our members to visit their websites and give them an opportunity to earn their business. Please welcome our newest advertiser, Sitka Gear as they expand their innovative apparel line into the waterfowl market. We’re confident that the same technologies and designs that earned them a stronghold in the archery market will earn them a strong foundation with waterfowl hunters this year.

Federal Premium and Black Cloud ammunition join us again this year, continuing to blend their time-honored performance with cutting-edge innovations. The introduction of Black Cloud® FS Steel® Close Range is sure to excite waterfowl hunters who like their ducks cupped, committed and right over the decoys. With an ounce and a half load of Flightstopper steel, these loads are designed to offer superior patterns and duck dropping power at close ranges. For more information, visit blackcloudammo.com today at the link below:

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